Instant messaging, built for work

A work chat app with all the features you know and love, plus the ability to be in control, stay compliant, and keep company information safe

  • No credit card needed
  • Best ease of use
  • GDPR Aligned
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2 certified
Connecteam's chat interface desktop and mobile

Trusted by over 36,000 companies

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Learn about our chat in 2 minutes

Connect your deskless workforce

  • Instantly communicate with your team and get read receipts
  • Send messages privately, in groups, or company-wide
  • Segment team chats by location, project, department, etc.
  • Start chats from the company directory and eliminate the need to save work contacts on phones
Screenshot of Connecteam chat feature

Keep all communications compliant

  • See employee status to contact them during work hours only
  • Schedule messages to be sent upon next clock-in/shift
  • Get a complete view of scheduled messages and easily edit/delete them
Connecteam chat interface

Stay in your workflow, chat from anywhere

Start a chat from any feature in the app

Gain control over work chats

  • Allow only authorized users to initiate chats
  • Lock chats/delete messages to keep communication professional 
  • Set whether media and chats can be saved to users’ phones
  • Have former employees automatically removed from all chats
Employees looking at a phone with screenshot of Connecteam chat user permissions

Improve efficiency and maintain privacy

  • Avoid mixing work messages with personal texts
  • Make sure important tasks don’t get lost in casual chats
  • Attach files and shortcuts to other Connecteam features
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A BIG deal for small businesses

Connecteam is 100% free for up to 10 users!

About the Connecteam Work Chat app

A work chat app is a business chat software that your employees can use to interact with each other instantly across various departments, teams, and individuals.

Connecteam’s Chat is your workplace’s internal messaging app, where you can communicate in one-on-one, teams, and broadcast chats. It includes all tools and automations required to keep you in control of instant communications and enhance efficiency and productivity.

Connecteam’s Chat gives you the platform to streamline your company’s instant communication and improve its security. Instead of back-and-forth messages scattered across multiple apps or endless phone calls, you centralize all instant communication in one work-designated place, enabling you to ensure your messages stand out and are received and read.

With Connecteam’s secure business chat software, you can instantly communicate with everyone within your company, from anywhere within Connecteam’s platform, on one-to-one chats, team chats, and broadcast channels, by sending text messages, sharing files, images, and videos, sending shortcuts to other assets within the platform, and more, making your instant communication efficient, measurable, manageable, and secure.

With Connecteam’s workplace Chat, you can send instant messages in multiple forms: one-on-one chats, team chats (which can also be automatically created based on users’ information), and channels (for one-way communication).

Check out these use cases of different teams and channels that our customers have shared with us:

  • All Company chat
  • Based on branches/locations
  • Based on job titles
  • Based on shifts/tasks
  • Training updates chat
  • New employees’ chat
  • Open positions announcements channel
  • Important announcements channel

For 14 days, you can use Connecteam’s Chat with unlimited capabilities for free, enabling you to truly experience the product.

By the end of your free trial, you can choose to subscribe to one of our Communications Hub premium plans – Basic, Advanced, and Expert – based on your business needs. You can also use our Limited plan (cost-free) for up to 30 users.

Connecteam’s Chat basic features are available on all plans, but premium plans unlock our unique managers’ features.

If you’re a small business with less than 10 employees, you’ll be able to use our “Small Business Plan” for free. 🙂

Connecteam’s employee communication app is designed specifically for non-desk teams of all industries and is the best way to instantly reach your entire workforce in real-time, no matter where they’re working. The updates feature allows you to share company announcements, employee recognition and rewards, birthdays, and more while letting employees respond with likes and emojis, just like on social media. Use team chat to create 1:1 and group chats and customize the employee directory to store everyone’s contact information so they’re easily reachable while on the clock. Ensure everyone can access important company documents whenever they need them by storing safety, training, and other materials in the employee knowledge base for easy access from anywhere. Easily create and share customizable surveys for real-time employee feedback and create and manage team events, all from one place.