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Instant Messenger, built for business

Have all the chat app features you’d expect, plus all the managerial abilities required to keep company information secure and stay in control.

An employee looking at his phone with screenshots of Connecteam chat feature

Join Over 36,000 That Communicate through Connecteam

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Connect with your non‑desk workforce

Direct your instant messages to the right people, through private 1-on-1 chats, segmented team chats, and company-wide broadcasts.

Screenshot of Connecteam chat feature

Save work chat for work hours

View each user’s current status and schedule messages for their next clock-in to ensure work communications only occur during work hours and stay compliant.

Connecteam chat interface

Tighten control on work communications

Manage user permissions and delete messages when needed
with highly secure work chats — keeping internal communication
clean and professional.

Employees looking at a phone with screenshot of Connecteam chat user permissions
Screenshot of Connecteam task tracking feature

Stay in your workflow,
chat from anywhere

Take dialogue & turn it into action

Drive employees to action by attaching files and shortcuts to
other Connecteam features in your messages, and get read
receipts to make sure their attention has been captured.

Employee looking at his phone with scheenshots of Connecteam reading tracking

Separate work from personal messaging

Optimize your distance workforce’s focus and prevent misplaced
messages, by insulating work messages from
private communications.

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Ready to connect your workforce in real-time?

About the Connecteam Work Chat app

What is a work chat app?

A work chat app is a business chat software that your employees can use to interact with each other instantly across various departments, teams, and individuals.

Connecteam’s Chat is your workplace’s internal messaging app, where you can communicate in one-on-one, teams, and broadcast chats. It includes all tools and automations required to keep you in control of instant communications and enhance efficiency and productivity.

Why should I use Connecteam’s Chat?
What can Chat be used for?
How much does Connecteam’s Chat cost?

Connecteam’s work chat app is the easiest and most effective tool for communicating with your non-desk employees. Our workplace chat app was designed to be user-friendly with a familiar interface so anyone can start using it right away. Connecteam’s work chat app also includes some unique capabilities that can’t be found in any other workplace chat platform, such as advanced conversation permission setting options that allow you to decide who can message who and who may open a team or private chat. There’s also a group management tab that keeps you in complete control over what’s going on in your work chat app. With smart groups, you’ll be able to automatically add and remove participants from each work chat based on pre-made rules. So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your non-desk teams connected and manage secure workplace chats no matter where they’re working from, Connecteam’s work chat app is the easiest and most affordable solution for you.