As business owners and managers work to get their business up and running again, they must be prepared to update their employees about what’s needed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. There is nothing more important than maintaining a healthy and safe working environment. 

This is why many businesses are requiring their teams to submit a  daily COVID-19 declaration form for employees from all team members to make sure they are all healthy before showing up to work. 

Connecteam introduced an online COVID-19 declaration form for employees that employers can use to evaluate an employee’s health status daily. This report is used at the start of each working day as it helps to identify which employees are safe to execute their job and which may require medical attention or even quarantine. The medical declaration form for employees can be used by supervisors or team leaders who are responsible for screening their employees every day for COVID-19. 

Launch your COVID-19 checklist

Find out more on how Connecteam helps companies get back to business, post-COVID-19. Use Conencteam’s daily health checklist template and find out more on how Connecteam can assist with communication, resource sharing, and more.

What To Include In Your COVID-19 Medical Declaration Form For Employees

We recommend you cover key questions to better understand the health condition of your team, include some useful information on how to avoid spreading the spread of COVID-19, and get an official acknowledgment form each team member with a digital signature.

  • Common health questions include:

    • Do you have a fever?
    • Do you have a cough?
    • Are you experiencing shortness of breath?
    • Have you been in contact with people being infected, suspected, or diagnosed with COVID-19?
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As such, with Connecteam it’s easy to send automatic, Excel spreadsheets, or reports of your workflow entries according to your choice, and share it automatically with any email address you’d like, based on pre-determined filters. For example, the Coronavirus Daily Checklist.

As A Manager, How Can You Make This Process Efficient?

  1. Remind employees to fill in the daily health checklist by setting up automated push notifications.
  2. Easily view from your dashboard or mobile who completed the workflow and those who didn’t, and follow up with the relevant employees directly, nudging them to complete the workflow.
  3. Take action when employees declare they are not 100% healthy so you can prevent a potential spread of COVID-19.
  4. Get an auto-export daily report to your email so you can ensure compliance and for contact tracking purposes.
  5. Let each team or department manager view their own team’s status and progress, so you can rely on your chain of command to enforce daily compliance with the checklist.
Workflow Summary - Connecteam

Given the recent events of COVID-19, employers must effectively monitor the health of their workforce on a daily basis and to identify those with potential symptoms, all to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak. With the COVID-19 declaration form for employees, we outlined above, this is a much easier process for employers to execute and to keep on top of things. 

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Use our predefined template to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak and keep your employees healthy in just the click of a button.

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