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Michelle D.

Helps me be very organized and makes my life easier when it comes to time sheets

Ashley H.

I was very surprised at how well this app was put together! The features were all nicely put into an easy-to-find place. The clear understanding of the cleaning specs, options for requesting time off/shift edit requests, chatroom options, and required site informational training are also available. The best part!? IT’S ALL IN ONE PLACE!! The Connecteam app developers have really outdid themselves & set a very high bar for everyone else!! T Sheets better step up their game! Way to go, Connecteam!

Ann L.

Fantastic tool, easy to use and implement!
Our team loves using ConnectTeam. It’s super easy to use on the front end and the back end. We have a small team of 4 employees and this platform is so much better than the one we used before. We have been using it since March of 2023 and our entire team really likes it.

Katie S.

Connecteam makes it super easy to organize everything a small company needs to grow, from document sharing to scheduling. For us, the strongest feature is the courses section where we can train our agents easily – and at their own pace. It’s also great for celebrating milestones and accomplishments – as well as communicating with one another. Hands down this is the most important software I am running internally.


We are a civil construction company of 100 employees. We did a lot of research for a platform that would allow us to better engage and communicate with our employees and landed on Connecteam ~1-1/2 years ago for its value and versatility. Our experience with the app and the product support team has been second-to-none. We have about 95% engagement company-wide with nearly 60% regular engagement, which has exceeded our expectations. We don’t even use all of the app features, but it will do everything we hoped it would do and more. As the primary admin and content curator, I can say that the app is relatively easy to use, both on the front and back ends, and is very versatile in its abilities. I have interacted with product support from the beginning as if I was the only customer and they have done nothing but treat me as if that is true. It’s pretty cool to know that your ideas for improvement are heard. I would highly recommend this app!

Justyna D.

The ability to have everything in one place is great and the mobile app is very easy to use.

Nathan Brown

I run a small non profit organization that has a lot of moving parts, and manage a large team of volunteers that mostly do 1-2 days per week. Connect Team is the single biggest system to bring the team together, everyone knows what’s going on and adds resources to everyone’s fingertips. It’s so easy to use that some of my team are in their 70’s and can do it just fine. The Connect Team support is brilliant, they are always accessible when I need a hand. I recommend Connect Team to everyone.

Travis McQuade

Easy to Use. I Love being able to adjust and create schedules directly from my phone. Very handy for submitting payroll as the schedule reports can be downloaded in excel format.

Tanner M.

Completely changed our organization! – The ease of viewing employees’ weekly schedule is great!

Nilsson M

I definitely want to said thank you very much to Connecteam Staff for creating this amazing App the allows me to control clock in and out from employees phone or Kiosk at my office. This people deserve 5 stars review or more specifically because they are kind to offer a free plan for small business with no more then 10 employees. Keep it up the good work. Thanks Nilsson M SC-Jumpers

Leon T.

I love the app, as a company always trying to expand and be better, this app surely has aided us. 10/10 would make my company better again!

Yaniv Kisler

I use Connecteam not for its original propose, but since the system is highly customizable and due to the fact the service and support are very good and has a very good SLA, the app is just what we needed and wished for and the app is easy to use (we have some 70 yo users). The app and the web interface get frequent updates and we are very happy with the product and service.

Cabana Man

Time management and job tracking made easy
This has been so helpful for not only keeping track of everyone’s time, but also where everyone is at and how much time is spent on each job. This helps for bidding future projects.

Diego R

I really like that it is extremely user friendly but at the same time provides a lot of information that is useful for the managers. I particularly use the Time-Off and Time-Clock apps because of the priorities in my line of business and Connecteam has helped me get rid of old fashioned (and more time consuming) systems such as Excel databases for such data.


When I just worked by myself, it was easier to schedule my clients for cleaning. Since hiring my first employee, this has been SO HELPFUL to manage both of our clients and be able to make changes quickly. I love that she can see her whole schedule, notes, clients information etc from her phone app. So easy! I also loved that the site was customizable to what my needs were.

Jane J.

I love Connecteam and their Customer support is fantastic. I brag about them to all my friends and clients. They can’t believe how easy my office runs with this app. I have referred three other people (companies) to connecteam, one of which has already signed up and the other two are busy looking into it at present.

Mike D.

Amazing app! Super easy interface, very user friendly. Excellent features and built in tutorials to help you learn without having to even try. The sales and support team are wonderful and very helpful. Excellent value for money, highly recommended!

Michael Shamailov

The best ever platform for small business. I have been searching and wasting $ plus time setting up. This made my time worth planning. You guys Rock

Rodrigue H.

Connecteam app provides a seamless experience for team collaboration and management, offering a wide range of features that enhance productivity and communication within the team. It’s a reliable choice for modern businesses.

Up to the sea

I managed my employees with Connecteam. Shifts, knowing how long they worked and everything about communicating with them Five stars

Allie O.

Loving Connecteam for its ease and practicality! Makes day to day work flow manageable and provides staff with ongoing schedules.

Nathan Alyea

Haven’t used the app yet, so no clue if it’s good. I just wanted to stop by and say I can only put my date of birth by swiping through the months starting with the current month. My brother in Christ, to enter the information I will be swiping right more than a lonely man on tinder, or you expect your average business to start hiring toddlers. Sincerely, A mildly inconvenienced man. Edit: awesome! 5 stars given. Either I was the bg dumb or the UI was updated, clicked the years and they worked

Ann L.

Fantastic tool, easy to use and implement!
Our team loves using ConnectTeam. It’s super easy to use on the front end and the back end. We have a small team of 4 employees and this platform is so much better than the one we used before. We have been using it since March of 2023 and our entire team really likes it.

Brinsley R.

I LOVE connecteam more than I can express in words. I absolutely love having somewhere to roster staff, create task lists, forms, and courses/onboarding training as well! And being able to have the staff chat between themselves has been absolutely fabulous. Using Connecteams has been incredibly beneficial to our business and we have loved it so much. It is easily my favorite software that we use in our cleaning business.


We just started using this so we haven’t really jumped into all of it yet. But there are so many features that will be key in encouraging and enforcing communication, expanding our knowledge base and training as well as some fun ways to reward your employees and incentivize them. Keeping my staff engaged with each other and with me is priceless. And best of all, it is free for up to 10 or fewer employees. That helps me to be able to keep costs down. Thank you Connecteam.

Faith G.

Excellent, the support team is always available and can assist me with what I need.I would highly recommend this to any other companies, hence why we agreed to film the advertisement.

Heidi K.

I used to make an excel monthly calendar for scheduling AND used text, email and voicemail to communicate. Now it’s a one stop shop! And it is so easy

Kevin Wigbels

The ease of adding shifts and seeing the full work week visually helps ensures every shift is covered. The ability to copy weeks or even months is also a nice touch! My favorite part is the ability to export the schedule to excel, it makes printing a full months schedule quick and simple (for a custom excel workbook).

Jason C.

ConnectTeam is user-friendly and easy to use and navigate. We mainly use it for scheduling. However, it can be used for so much more than just scheduling. You can even give kudos to a coworker for a good work performance. My supervisor loves it as well… I think she loves it more than me… I use this weekly. Oh, and it’s free for under ten people! So it is great for tiny business companies.


We have been using connect team for just shy of a year. It works great! Scheduling is very easy. Then all the extras are great – chat, team chat, events, document creation – tracking and storage. I personally tried at least 2 other programs prior to connect team. Connect team hands down has been the easiest for everyone to use as well as the best. Thanks connect teams!!!!

Charyl T.

Very easy to use and set-up. Employees use this platform more than they used CrewApp.

Shari Wonders

It has so many great options for my business. Scheduling, time clock, payroll, task sheets, and more.. They offer tutorials for everything you need to know. Also, their team is always very helpful whenever I have needed assistance. 5 stars

Hubert Macron

Connecteam has completely transformed our team’s operations, making tasks effortlessly manageable with its intuitive features and seamless interface. Not only has it streamlined our workflows, but it has also brought joy and positivity to our daily tasks. It’s amazing how Connecteam can turn every workday into a rewarding adventure!

Daisy M.

We can have a conversation about work-related topics even when we are not in the office or when we are in the office but not in the same room. Easy to use & I like the mobile application. We use this frequently in the office and it was easy to get everyone set up on it. Customer service is great!

JWB 22

I’m very grateful for the app. It’s made scheduling way easier for me and more accessible for our staff. Customer support is OUTSTANDING!

Anders S.

We have saved time for the administration. We have gotten more clarity over our spend hours. Employees have gotten a better information and news overview. Employees have gotten a greater insight and clarity of hours. I could go on with all the extra benefits we have found using this software.

Daniel Creedon

It does the job of scheduling and tracking hours perfectly and the customer support is excellent, the team sorted my problem out in 2 minutes flat.

Tammy Snyder Maseychik

Love Connecteam! We only have 4 employees and the make tracking their time super easy and affordable!

Zoily F.

The best thing about connect team is the engagement you have with your employees, also it tracks all their activities in the app. If you want to go beyond, the app is able to track their locations. I love it when it’s time to collect the hours from my employees is so easy to use. My employees love it, it’s so easy to integrate.


This software is so great that it comes to the point that it increases the quality of outputs and productivity because of its collaboration tools. Since then, I and my team have been using it on a daily basis to optimize processes.

Shanna M.

Overall experience is 150% wonderful! Their customer service is the best! The best thing about Connecteam is that it can work with any type of business. It is so customizable!!

Laura R.

great app to pick up shifts, to communicate with the team, share photos, files , easy access.

Chris MacLearn

Connecteam is an amazing solution for accurate timekeeping!
As a construction company, we have a need to track individual tasks on different jobs. Having the ability to see our employees time all in one place makes our payroll and HR department very happy.

Elizabeth W.

My team loves Connecteam! As a small business, we are able to take advantage of the FREE small business plan. We love the ‘chats’ feature and have channels for all of our open jobs. We have also moved our timeclock over and saved money, while having a beautiful calendar for scheduling jobs. I highly recommend this software to any small business!


I recently had to find a system or software to help me run my contracting business. My partners chose a different avenue for themselves, leaving me to handle, not only the field and day-to-day operations, but all of the admin stuff as well. This app sincerely made not only everything easier but the employees much more interactive with everything.

Michael R.

It is a software that is easy to use and has enabled us to communicate with speed and at ease. It’s rich in features and worthy every penny.

Charlie Dannelly II

This is the best app to use on the planet for managing a small staff. and grow your success into a larger staff. perfect for the smallest of scales or the largest.

Kim S.

I love this app! It is very easy to navigate and I love all the features that are included. I am a small business owner and I really needed a system that was inexpensive to track time and location. I could not believe that this one is free and offers so much

Tabatha F.

The ease of use and implementation is what I like the most. It literally is the easiest platform to navigate and the Customer Support is awesome.

Raquel A.

Scheduling Moving from weekly scheduling to Monthly Availability Increasing communication with the team Having an interactive directory is a plus!

P. Me

Great app, and free for <10 employees! A touch overkill fit what I need, but better than most field service apps!

Joanne Chung

Help desk agents were very knowledges and helpful when giving advice. Apps are easy to use and manage.

Jennifer P.

Connecteam is easy to use, straightforward & great for a small business. I manage a group of 25 guides & it’s perfect for them to claim availability shifts, exchange among themselves & also see pertinent information through the knowledge base. I love it. I also like how it notifies employees of any changes & reminds them to confirm a shift assigned.


My companies used multiple applications as connecting. This is the best one by far. They are user friendly setup time is super easy. My front office loved it. I own a construction company and the guys pick apart every app we had but this one. We had to cancel because our new platform has a time tracker. Not nearly as easy as this one. Additionally I have to say this company is a class act. They refunded me the month that I didn’t use but I needed for payroll.

Savannah S.

From my onboarding process to today my experience has been amazing. I would recommend Connecteam to everyone!

Kevin Wigbels

This is an amazing app that works in an intuitive way. It has helped our small team communicate better and keep better track of schedules. Cannot recommend this app enough!!

Trevor Penner

We love it! we run a landscape company and it is quite small there is some information that I really love and options and features that are awesome for a small company like ours, also I appreciate that they are always updating the app to make it more up to date and not so outdated. 🙂 customer service is 10/10

Christos Z.

Connecteam allows me to monitor hours of all of our employees across different sites. It does so quickly, securely, and non-intrusively. It allows employees to shut it down for privacy. It has made our hours management easier and allows us to share records with our clients for audits.


We are a fast growing company ( that provides in-home night care for parents of newborns (we care for the newborns through the night so the parents can sleep). As we grew our scheduling became more complicated with new clients in new locations and with more independent contractors. We started searching for scheduling apps and were so lucky to find Connect Team. This is such an easy and intuitive platform for us (the owners) and the independent contractors. It allows us to provide clear scheduling, billing and we can communicate directly with our independent contractors all in one place. The Connect Team is very supportive (online trainings) and responsive. The price is incredibly reasonable as well. This app allowed our business to grow and reduced our stress from scheduling to 0. Highly recommend.

Gerard S.

Our experience has been great. I am not very tech savvy, but with the help of the connecteam staff I am now able to navigate the app and dashboard with ease and teach others.

Ashley Herring

I was very surprised at how well this app was put together! The features were all nicely put into an easy-to-find place. The clear understanding of the cleaning specs, options for requesting time off/shift edit requests, chatroom options, and required site informational training are also available. The best part!? IT’S ALL IN ONE PLACE!! The Connecteam app developers have really outdid themselves & set a very high bar for everyone else!! T Sheets better step up their game! Way to go, Connecteam!

Bloom & Blossom Fine Gardening

I love this app – its an easy way for me to schedule my team. As a small business owner I am wearing a lot of hats. Connecteam has been the most efficient and user friendly way I have found to schedule my teams and track their work. Highly recommend.

Damian H.

Completely saved us
It makes scheduling and tracking man hours super easy.

Carlos Then

We started using this app in the earlier stages and were happy to be involved in some of the feedback that makes it great! We jumped onboard because we wanted to eliminate the need to use different platforms. Connecteam is capable of handling about 95% of our day to day work! Definitely recommend it to any field companies and or security companies. It’s so customizable and user friendly! Truly a work of art

Amanda D.

We can do so much in one place. employee management, scheduling, documentation, communication. I love being able to manage multiple areas with one system.

Carla Austin

The app has an incredible design. it is responsive and very easy to use

Hendrik Stoter

Makes my life Easy
Amazing (free) product that makes my life as a small business owner genuinely easier and more structured. I’m looking forward using more (feature’s) in the future! Kind regards from the Netherlands!

Crystal H.

Connecteam is great! The app is super easy to use and efficient. I love that I can create my own templates and reuse them how I need to. My staff loves that it is right on their phone and can request time off directly on the app or show times they are unavailable.


Connecteams has been so incredible helping with training, answering questions via chat, and coaching us along the way as we set up our organization. Amos specifically has been a rockstar! Thank you Connecteams!

Natalie H.

My team was hesitant to use Connecteam but it was so easy to learn! I love that I have access to it on my phone & computer – it really keeps me organized and I can easily stay on top of everything that is going on. Before, things would pile up quickly and communication wasn’t as efficient as it is now. Any problem I encounter is QUICKLY addressed by customer service representatives!

Julian Pearcey

Connecteam is genuinely extremely impressive, and has really streamlined day to day tasks, it’s not an exaggeration to say this app has been game changing for not only my company but myself as director. It is literally saving me so much stress. The forms are amazing, no more forgotten monthly checklists, no more drowning in procedure paperwork. To top it off, best customer service I have experienced in 20yrs! Genuinely wholeheartedly recommend this product and the company. Thank you.

Alisa Elliot

Great app for teams with available customer service that is fast and efficient. Can’t say enough about this company and so happy they are full of people and not bots. I am very pleased and highly recommend to starter and growing businesses.

Devonta N.

I like every aspect of Connecteam, like the color scheme because it’s also the colors for my residential cleaning business. This platform allows me to schedule jobs, keep in contact with my employees, and keep track of my clients.


Part owner of a small construction company. Tried a bunch of different apps out there for tracking time and my crews. I landed on Connecteam because of price and being the best application for my company. I tried the free version and loved it. I purchased the basic level (because I’m a small company and couldn’t afford the higher packages) but was disappointed with some of the features I lost when purchasing. I reached out to the Connecteam team and they hooked me up!! They support small businesses and helped me at every turn. I HIGHLY recommend this app if you are looking around for such app. They recently came out with an update giving all small businesses full access to the entire app (everything they offer) without charging me extra! Beyond amazing. Function and use is super easy. Overall great app. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to purchase. Worth every penny. They connecteam team is great with getting you started. They help you along the way. I’ve have it for about 6 months now and have had nothing but exceptional customer service. This is the best time and scheduling app out there by far!

Bara A.

My overall experience with Connecteam is very positive, and I periodically recommend it to my colleagues when they look for a similar application.

Seminole H 70

This app is a great way for companies to keep communication open between employers and employees. Highly suggest it!

First barrier fence

These customer service reps are very attentive and go above and beyond to try to help with any issues I’ve ever had. They have come through every time I need help.

Kendra N.

The best part of Connecteam is that it saves us so much time and resources when scheduling our Child Care center staff. Everyone sees the changes to the schedule immediately and the notifications that we have set up are a great way to reming staff to clock in and out.

RMBC Staff

The customer service team is the best. Answered questions promptly and made sure everything was running smoothly. Highly recommend them for small or large businesses.

Brian S.

It’s been amazing! The chat and support team are great! The features all work and perform as expected or better, and the ease of use for new employees makes getting our team up and running easy! Great job, we can’t imagine running our business without connecteam now!

Ronn Goodman

This app is great for tracking time and report documentation for a small group of volunteers I manage. I highly recommend it.

Seamus Hampson

Great app, so user friendly and allows you to view all information in one location, the phone app is great also, removes the need for all the old paper based inspection forms. Excellent.

Rachel Denae H.

How simple and easy it was for all employees to use. Was smooth on the implementation between the two shifts we have. Employees use this app frequently as we have every asset you can imagine being used. Even our employees who do not use technology as often loved how we started to integrate this into being our main form of communication.


This app is so great for my small business. Very user friendly. My employees have no trouble using it.

Jason G

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant from the design to the usability to the support articles and videos to the customer service. This is a great platform and a great team and i’m looking forward to growing with it in our small organization.

Stephens Mabena

The app works perfect, I am so happy and pleased with the functional of the app.

Andrea Costea

best decision we made ! Connecteam has improved our company flow with scheduling and communication with our employees. I’m so glad we discovered it. I highly recommend this product for all small or large business. They are constantly offering more features and training to be sure we are getting all that we can from their product.

Luis V.

I like connecteam because of its easy user interface. It is very easy for me to upload schedules for my crew with details and addresses for every shift. My guys love using the app to get all their day to day duties. Integrating this app into our business has been very easy and we use it every day for our projects.


My business and I have been using Connectteams for about two months now and we have loved every second of it! We are a small business and it comes in handy, with everything you need in one place. I love the browser version as well! I am beyond ecstatic and grateful for the upgrade they have given us

Audrey H.

Connecteam is an efficient app that has helped me build training databases and easy reference materials for team members. It is also an effective way to communicate with and assess team needs throughout the work week.

Jill Zueck

Great app to manage teams, employees and contract laborers time cards and jobs.

Matt D.

We are a small business and this app/website is fantastic. Allows us to create schedule tasks for employees. There are many functions we haven’t even used yet- but 4 months into it- we absolutely love it!

Karen T.

It is easy to use and user friendly, their customer support is great, they always respond promptly


They are very supportive of small business! Really appreciate them! It makes scheduling so much easier!

Heather T.

I use Connecteam daily for myself, and bi-weekly to do payroll for my teaching studio. It is simple to use and easy to learn. I really appreciate the ease in what can be a complicated job. Thanks!


such an amazing tool! very easy to use and convenient.

OG Bubble

We have been using Connecteam’s job scheduling function everyday and it’s a bliss for organizing shifts among our team! Highly recommend and it’s completely FREE for small businesses. Truly no strings attached.

Janine D.

We’ve been using Connecteam for a while now, and it’s been nothing short of fantastic! It’s incredibly user-friendly and has streamlined our communication, scheduling, and task management in ways we didn’t even know were possible. Highly recommend it to any team looking for a boost in collaboration and efficiency!


From a small business owner stand point this app is truly amazing. Not only do they help and teach you but its so easy to use and learn. Ive been able to do my whole on boarding and new hire training and even keep track all types of documents for both myself and my team. Amazing i love this app you will too!

Sarah Y.

There are so many benefits, I feel I find a new one every week, if I haven’t assigned someone to a job and they need to go, they can still clock in at that job! Such a time saver, this is what I mean by double sided, the app that just keeps on giving.

Darwin Funes

Really good app is a really powerful tool for hours, schedule and time control

Paul Newman

Great price, efficient delivery. Item as described. Will definitely shop here again

Amaris M.

I love connecteam so much, from the scheduling features to the clock in feature. There is nothing I can complain about it is a genius idea and so user friendly.


I’ve been using the app for about a year and a half now for our small business and we have used just a free version but it has been awesome they are helpful attentive communication is great the app works great both from my phone and computer and tablet thank you love it

Jason S.

The app is fully fully featured and even if it were not as full featured, support has been so incredibly good that I would have signed up just to help them because they really have a passion for helping people.

Trey Manning

This is a must have to run our small family owned service business. We create forms, documentation and track time with this app.

Tanya Cole

Super informative videos through-out the entire process makes using this robust tool a joy to use. Never pencil and paper time cards again!!

Chad B.

The ease of scheduling and the ability to edit shifts easily. It is easy to communicate with the team. Being able to have electronic checklists lets us know that the team is on task during their shift and everyone knows what is expected.


Hello thanks for such a wonderful app, we use it everyday especially as a small business. We love the ease of the interface and the email notifications. We as a small business will not survive without it! Thanks for all the timely updates and continuous improvements.

Saheed A.

Connecteam application gives you the power to do more anywhere and anytime, and it allows for the real-time exchange of information and multimedia files.

Mrs Purcell

Easy to use, nicely laid out free features for businesses with under 10 staff members which is great for small businesses like mine. There is nothing to dislike about this app.

the coffee family ohana

As a small coffee shop we really appreciate the help and support, with the small business plan. We use CT daily, for time management, and as a “know how” platform for the team! They have a really great support team as well, very fast and professional team.

Ross E.

ֿThe engagement we now have with our employees in realtime is invaluable. To be able to connect with employees and engage with them over the App has transformed how we do business and comply with Health and Safety.

Kwik Dry

As owner of our restoration company, Kwik Dry, Connecteam has really helped our office manager schedule with the guys in the field

Barbara Anne Elliott M.

The quality and ease of our communication has improved exponentially. All Employee management has improved as a direct result of implementing Connecteam!

Sandy Mcclelland

This app is very cost effective for our business as it does not charge per employee so it gives me freedom to add and remove without cost changes. The features that are available are awesome. Workshops are a real asset to our company and customers. I have learned when I can’t figure something out, there are multiple training articles and videos at the click of a button. Along with chat and / or set up a training session. I love the app and staff at connecteam.

Sean Moore

Connecteam is an amazing tool for small teams. We use it for scheduling our team of 9 and were able to move off word documents. Everyone has the app and online access and it has improved our communication a ton.

Kalee E.

It’s very user friendly and has been easy to use for everyone on our team! I also love that they provide so many training videos to utilize in training staff on using the app.


We have a small mobile auto repair business and this app is perfect! Not only is it great, the customer service and the overall support from the company truly shows that their mission is to support small businesses! Thanks so much!

Tayfun B.

Connecteam has got everything you need to manage employees which working outside the office. you can get every information you choose from you employees so its like you did the job by your own.

George David Waye

This is literally the easiest software on earth to use. Everything is exactly where you expect it to be, and if you don’t know if it has a particular functionality you can click around for less than a minute and find it yourself. It is highly adaptive, and can be tailored to do things it might not have been originally designed to do. When you need help- and that won’t likely be often- their chat team is the most responsive and helpful I have ever encountered. I cannot say enough good things.


Connecteam has allowed us to take our small business operations to the next level! We have been using it for a few years now. It is easy to use for us and our staff, allows for great communication, and creates an efficient workflow for us! We’ve told other small businesses about it and are excited to hear great things from them as well! We know they are going to love it too!

Steve W.

Easy to set up and get started right away. It has reduced our use of paperwork for on-boarding and training to near zero.


Connecteam has managed to create a seamless common sense app that manages our staff and remove a tremendous burden from HR. Their approach to the functionally of this incredible HR Department in the palm of your hands is so easy to navigate that staff training isn’t necessary. What we though would have been a learning curse is so intuitive. The Support is outstanding, they are truly in your corner desiring you to succeed in meeting all your HR needs. The Developers have constantly improving an app that is head and shoulders above so many that we have tried. The Rewards and Recognition feature for Staff Members is simply brilliant. This is highly recommended.

Brian J.

The Connecteam platform checked all of the boxes for our operations. Timeclock, Scheduling, Workflows, and Customization features have streamlined our business and improved our staff communication significantly. Plus it’s very easy to use!

Jason Bailey

Previously we used Homebase for scheduling and time clock. I had a number of issues with that app and began looking for a new one. I saw a sponsored video on TikTok for Connecteam and checked it out. I couldn’t be happier. I love all of the features but most of all the knowledge base and events. I was able to put all of our company policies and emergence procedures in the knowledge base; and since my venue has special and recurring events, the events feature is gold. Also the price is less.

Bill D

For an engineering services provider it has everything we need to run our teams and sub contractors. Also it’s reliable with any issues resolved quickly by the connecteam crew. I’m recommending it to everyone we work with as a tool kit.

Peter P.

It is very easy to use, all the options are understandable and its design is nice. and its implementation is fast

Record king

This is an awesome product. Simple and very user friendly. Highly recommend!

Janelle S.

It makes our business run smoothly. Its essential to what he have created. The support has been amazing. I always get a quick friendly response and a solution to any issues.

Dee Michaels

Excellent program, so many features. We tried many apps prior to this and found that they all lacked at least 1 or 2 features. Connectteam had all the features we needed, even a task list that you can assign to your staff! absolutely awesome app. Highly recommended.


Been using this app to manage my small business, it has been a lifesaver when it comes to managing schedules and tasks.

Kate S.

a very friendly and useful app – It is helping my company to have control of the hours worked and tasks to be performed daily.


We have switched our full operation over to Connecteam and what a great decision is was to do so. The support team isn’t just attentive but they truly listen to what you are trying to accomplish and give you multiple ways to reach that goal. The customization ability is wonderful and not complicated. The software team really thought of the end user and created the ease to implement. The desktop side is very well created with calculated custom icons and colors for labeling. The phone app is completely designed for phone users in mind. Rich in features with the ability to administer what accessibility each user has is well thought out. The chat feature is everything you want and need in a software that has this many features and really ties all the workflows and schedules together. We are constantly finding more ways that Connecteam is being used to simplify our day to day operations. Simply a wonderful software and team behind it! Thanks Connecteam!

Rosalie B.

So far I’ve had only a great experience with Connecteam. I’ll be recommending it to other home care users who need to manage staff.

Boswell BEC

best app ever for our business, super user friendly and intuitive. we have tried multiple apps and systems to run our hr. some are not very user friendly. can’t believe I did not find you guys earlier. even the staff enjoy this app. 5 stars all the way. Lori from customer service confirmed an update on the way which will mean everything related to multiple pay rates for the same employee with different roles will be covered.


I love that if you have 10 or less employees, you can have all the features for free! What a huge help for small businesses.

Ben G.

Game Changer – The ability to use the Connecteam platform to create a bespoke experience for your team sets this product leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.


This app is perfect for small businesses and so easy to use!

Dean V.

We pay for a product and get in return something that makes our job much more easier. Unless like competitors we also KNOW what we pay for and no ridiculous add-on costs coming on afterwards.

Brittany LaPenna

This App has saved our company! The tech support and help is second to none. Everything is easy to use, reliable FUNCTIONAL and not a single employee has had an issue with it. Anytime I need help or have a question as an admin the response from connecteam is FAST, KIND and they make you smile with relatable humor. I can’t say enough great things about this app, system and the Team that makes it happen

Jackie B

Connecteam has been revolutionary for my small business.
It has given me an easy to use system with EVERYTHING I NEED! I cannot imagine any other software on the market can compare to the customisable and quality of this software.
My employees are equally impressed by the ease of use and how its a one stop shop for them all!

Jeffrey D.

The ease of setup and the app for Iphone, Everyday usage is flawless. Many Features. Support is spot on.Integration is so easy.So easy to use. Implemented to whole group without a hitch

Michael j Diveney

It really helps me keep informed with what’s going on at work

Kristine S.

I and my employees have excellent experience in using this software which is why we have continued to utilize it and become an integral part of our daily work.


We use the desktop version and employees use the app which is installed on a tablet. We love the simple features for tracking employees, schedules and their log in times. This is a must have for any business! Thank you for adding the new features for the small businesses!


This is Now our go to For Time Clock, for time tracking of jobs and for GPS tracking of our crews. We truly do love all the abilities this app has and yet we are not even fully using them all yet. One other thing Customer service has been so quick to respond and so helpful.

Louis Z.

Easy and friendly useful – I think what I liked most is the ease of accessing its portal and how understandable it has been for everyone.


Much better than getting emails about the shifts. I am really enjoying this app.

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