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Senior React Native Engineer *React experience *


About this role:

Connecteam is looking for an experienced React Native Engineer to generate a significant impact in the company. As a React Native Engineer you will build a product that customers love and use on a daily basis.
You will be in charge of developing a product which is fun to use, fast, reliable and scalable. You will tackle large array of challenges while working closely with the product teams in order to create a smooth experience for our users.

Ownership & Responsibilities:

  • Manage tasks and complete them through continuous integration and modern development processes.
  • Work with the product teams when defining specifications for features.
  • Solving performance issues when working with large data sets
  • Develop new features for our mobile application.


  • At least 2+ years React Native development experience
  • At least 5+ years development experience 
  • Capability to deep dive and solve complex problems self sufficiently.
  • Experienced with the process of releasing applications to the stores.


  • Android / iOS development experience
  • Understanding of mobile CI/CD processes
  • Server-side technologies.
  • Experience with State Management libraries (MobX, Redux)
  • Typescript

You Are:

  • You have a high sense of ownership and care about the quality of code (readability, maintainability and simplicity) that is being pushed to the repository to a high degree.
  • You are product oriented and appreciate the opportunity to add your own color to features together with the product team.
  • You are a problem solver, you don’t shy away from challenges and you’re not afraid of jumping off to the deep end.

Joining Connecteam Is The Smart Move:

  • We build our people up. Every team member is treated as a long-term investment and we recognize the value in always nurturing and training them so they can go above and beyond in their skills and job duties.
  • We make an impact on our customer’s business. We are on a mission to provide managers of all business types and sizes with the tools they need to communicate, operate, engage, and run their deskless workforce. Our product offers them an effective and affordable solution to run their business.
  • We get the job done. Connecteam employees are passionate in executing their job duties so they can drive the company forward and provide real value to our customers. 
  • We have fun! From weekly happy hours to holiday parties, we always enjoy each other’s company (and good food, of course). Connecteam is like one big, happy family!
  • Everyone is welcome. Connecteam is committed to building an encouraging, caring, and supportive environment. We share a responsibility to support our team and enrich their lives. 

Together we will shape the future of work!

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