Connecteam vs. WhatsApp

Don’t Mix Business With Pleasure.

whatsapp messy interface

Whatsapp is a great communication tool
when it comes to blah blah talks,
but will it answer all of your
employee management needs?

Probably not.

Employees can access their app on any device

Connecteam offers a full solution for deskless employee management,
from time tracking and HR tools
to real-time visibility into staff activity.

Oh, and most importantly, it’s fully secured.

Everything You Like In WhatsApp
& So Much More

Privacy settings and secured data.

FREE & tailor-made for mobile work communication.

User permission management.

Trusted by Over 36,000 Companies Worldwide

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Easily integrate digital operational communication

A Tailor-Made Work Chat

Benefit from a purpose-built workplace chat

Connecteam’s 1:1 or group chat makes work communication targetted and keeps professional and private conversations apart. Easily and quickly create team chats per location, project, department, or organize users per tiers or qualifications.

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App that keeps employees' information safe and secure

Privacy & Security

Get peace of mind & keep work conversations professional & secure

  • Choose who can start chats & groups, comment or send messages
  • Moderate chats and avoid sensitive or inappropriate topics
  • Rest assured that media can't be saved on users' phones, conversations cannot be exported
  • People leaving the company automatically lose access to all information
  • Privacy settings & admin dashboard
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More Features For No Additional Cost

More Built-in Communication Channels For Your Mobile Workforce

Everything you need to connect and engage with your field team

  • Feed updates in real-time
  • Surveys & live polls
  • Customizable 1:1 or group chat
  • Searchable employee directory
  • Smart groups & tags
  • Notifications & auto-reminders
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Effective Integrated Work Communication

And that's what your employees expect in 2022!

Connecteam’s business chat app allows you to integrate with our Job Schedule and Time Clock so it’s very easy for admin to contact their employees quickly! Especially when you have questions about a specific shift or time tracking clarifications.

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Quickly setup the Connecteam app

Easy to implement and switch to Connecteam

Built for busy people with a deskless workforce

Finally, you don’t need a work email to use the app, just your phone number!

  • Quick and credit card free sign up
  • Easy and intuitive to self-learn and explore for any employee
  • Move your entire business management to Connecteam in less than a day!
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Still not convinced?

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Connecteam allows us to reach 100% of our workforce, no matter where they are!

James W.


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The World's Leading WhatsApp Alternative for Field Employees!

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Connecteams all-in-one employee management app is a WhatsApp alternative, built and designed especially for deskless employees.

Connecteam is the industry-leading WhatsApp alternative app for time tracking and scheduling. Everything your business needs is available on Connecteam’s easy-to-use and super affordable platform: GPS time tracking, geofencing, absence request management, shift planning, dispatch assignments and so much more than WhatsApp app is offering.

As the best alternative to the WhatsApp app, Connecteam offers four key strengths we believe are directly related to the success of your business when using an employee app:

 – Better scheduling and time tracking features for your business

– No paying for each user or a monthly basis, pricing starts with a flat fee of just $29 a month  for up to 30 users, or you can stick with the free plan

– Modern user experience with setup taking only 15 minutes

– As a leading WhatsApp alternative, we boost employee management with the only all-in-one app

Try Connecteam, the best WhatsApp app alternative for free!