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Communicate, manage, and train your non-desk employees with Connecteam’s
all-in-one company app. Easy to use, easy to customize, and easy to scale.

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connecteam communication app

Simplify Internal Communication

Keep everyone on the same page, boost engagement, increase transparency, gather measurable feedback, and more with countless communication features to suit every business need.

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connecteam task management

Go Paperless & Automate Work Processes

Turn any pen and paper procedure, spreadsheets, text messages, or phone calls into a fully automated digital process that can be used from anywhere at any time. Making your business digital has never been easier!

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connecteam time clock

Make Time Tracking Easy

Track and manage employee work hours on jobs, projects, customers, or shifts with a simple, accurate time clock that everyone can pick up and use immediately. Avoid buddy-punching and time theft, improve time management, comply with labor laws, and make the payroll process fast and efficient.

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connecteam scheduling

Save Time on Scheduling

From your office or on the go, it only takes minutes to easily create employee schedules with customizable features to ensure fewer errors, unnecessary costs, and a great user experience for employees and managers alike.

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connecteam checklists

Manage Tasks On The Go

Easily manage daily tasks in a click and while on the go; create single or team tasks; quickly collaborate with a dedicated task communication board; stay on top of things with real-time automated notifications, and more. 

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connecteam training app

Better Training & Onboarding Process

Employees have up-to-date and direct access to all company information and training materials in the palm of their hands; easily create custom training courses; track progress with visual insights; measure performance with quizzes; keep your team professional at all times.

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connecteam visual

Full Clarity On Your Entire Business

The admin dashboard is your everyday tool as a manager. It allows you to add features to your employee app, create content, run and export reports, modify admin access, and supervise all employees from a single place. Automatically track and measure everything in your company app and make all data clearly visible and actionable.

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What Our Customers Love About Connecteam

Everything is great in Connecteam. It is literally an all-in-one software. It’s incredible what you can do all in one app!

Hofsep Y.

Regional Loss Prevention Manager

Connecteam has helped our business tremendously. Everything at our fingertips. All my staff can access the info anywhere and they can connect with each other at any time

Adelle J.


Connecteam allows us to communicate much more efficiently than ever before and has really made the company feel more united.

Cora B.

Human Resources Advisor

Easy to set up and customize. Very intuitive, great for mobile teams!

Amanda M.


Very easy to use, very user-friendly. Scheduling is great as you can set up to 12 months ahead with each job! Cost is great for the options you get.

Richard M.


Love them! Recommend them to all business owners I know. Has dramatically improved our team communication and productiveness.

Heather E.

Corporate IT Manager

Most Valuable APP for SMB Ever. Not only did we cut our previous costs by 80%, everything is now in a single solution.

Scott W.

Director of Operations

I love Connecteam and they are a fantastic group of people getting the job done. This product really works!

Rufus P.

Security and investigations

I am a HUGE fan of the Connecteam App. The Customer Service I have received is AMAZING!

Yo-Zon E.

Aviation staff manager

The Connecteam platform checked all of the boxes for our operations. Timeclock, Scheduling, Workflows, and Customization features have streamlined our business and improved our staff communication significantly. Plus it’s very easy to use!

Brian J.


Connecteam is the only app that featured EVERYTHING I needed in one software rather than having to buy several.

Geoffrey D.

General manager

Looks professional, easy to use, and great value for the cost. Love that they are constantly working hard to continually improve (on an already amazing solution)!

Kristina T.

Staff manager

Connecteam has been a complete Game Changer for our company! It is so user-friendly, not only on the admin side but to our employees. It has cut down on so much paperwork!

Shanna M.

HR manager

We LOVE that the app is easy to use from an end-user standpoint and extremely customizable from an admin standpoint. We'll continue to refer this app to clients looking for a modern, user-friendly solution to time tracking, employee communication, and process improvements.

Brittany B.

HR consultant

Very easy to use and the features cover everything we need to build a better, stronger, and well-organized team.

Terra L.

General Manager

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