Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist


Regular inspection of fire extinguishers is essential to ensure they are operational and can be relied upon in case of a fire emergency.

This Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist provides a detailed framework to verify the readiness and compliance of all fire extinguishers within a facility.

Conducting these inspections helps identify potential issues such as damage or expiry, ensuring that safety measures are always up to par and functional when needed.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist

Facility Details:
Name of Facility: ___________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
Date of Inspection: ___________________
Inspector’s Name: ____________________________________________

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Points:

1. Location and Accessibility:

[  ] Fire extinguisher is in its designated location.

[  ] The location is unobstructed, allowing easy access.

[  ] Signage indicating the extinguisher location is clear and visible.

2. Physical Condition:

[  ] The extinguisher is visibly undamaged (no dents, rust, or leaks).

[  ] The safety pin is intact and tamper seal is unbroken.

[  ] Instruction label on the extinguisher is legible and facing outward.

3. Pressure Gauge and Charge:

[  ] The pressure gauge indicates the extinguisher is fully charged (needle in the green zone).

[  ] For non-gauge units, verify weight and condition to ensure it is fully charged.

4. Inspection Tag and Servicing:

[  ] The last professional inspection date is within the past year.

[  ] The tag or sticker documenting the monthly checks is updated.

[  ] The next scheduled service date is not due.

5. Nozzle and Hose:

[  ] The nozzle and hose (if applicable) are free of blockages and damage.

[  ] Check that the nozzle and hose are securely attached.

6. Type and Suitability:

[  ] The type of fire extinguisher is suitable for the potential fire class expected in the area.

[  ] Check that multiple types of fire risks in proximity are covered by corresponding extinguishers.

7. Mounting and Bracket Security:

[  ] The mounting bracket is secure, ensuring the extinguisher is firmly held in place.

[  ] The height of the installation is appropriate for easy access.

Comments & Additional Observations:

(Provide detailed notes on any issues found, actions taken, and areas for improvement.)

Inspector’s Confirmation:

I confirm that the above inspection was conducted thoroughly and accurately reflects the condition of the fire extinguishers within the facility.

Signature: _______________________ Date: _____________

Facility Manager’s Acknowledgment:

I acknowledge the findings of this inspection and commit to addressing any identified issues promptly.

Signature: _______________________ Date: _____________


This Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist is an essential component of a comprehensive fire safety strategy.

Regular inspections ensure that fire extinguishers are ready to function effectively in an emergency, safeguarding the facility and its occupants.

Adherence to this checklist supports a culture of safety and preparedness, helping to maintain a safe working and living environment.

Regular updates and training on fire safety best practices are recommended to enhance the overall effectiveness of fire emergency responses.

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