Everything you need to know about Connecteam

about connecteam

Who is Connecteam for?

Connecteam was designed to meet the needs of the deskless workforce. Companies with employees that do not necessarily have daily access to computers – small and big alike. Connecteam is your company app, it gives your employees everything they need in one place.

What can I do with Connecteam?

Communicate in real-time with your employees:
Send and receive instant messages to all your employees and managers.

Share schedules and track time:
Easily track time, dispatch jobs and do payroll. Simple, transparent and easy to use for both your employees and you.

Boost operational efficiency with digital workflows and automate information flow:
Fill checklists, reports, forms and audits while on the go. Say goodbye to endless paper piles!

Engage your workforce and keep them up to date:
Celebrate company wins, boost employee recognition, send updates from the CEO and share company wide announcements. Communicate continuously with all your employees no matter where they are.

Train and boost employee performance:
From structured on-boarding for new employees, to ongoing training, share materials, track progress and boost the professional level of your employees.

Sharing is caring! Get feedback from your employees:
Give your employees a place to write their suggestions addressed directly to HR or the leadership team and let them be heard.

Make valuable resources available at a click:
Give your teams the information they need in a structured and intuitive way – your company protocols, employee handbook, sales materials, training materials and much more.

What do I need to add employees to Connecteam?

Nothing but a mobile phone number and a name. You can read more about it here in our help center. Once you add an employee, they receive a text message inviting them to download the app and activate their account.

Do I need to train my employees to use the Connecteam app?

No training is needed! Connecteam was designed for the deskless workforce in mind. Even people who are not very tech-savvy, “just get it”. We work hard to keep it as simple as possible, so your employees won’t need any training.

How simple it is to implement Connecteam?

Connecteam is very simple to implement. It can be a matter of days or even hours depending on the size of your organization.

A free plan and a free trial? What’s the catch?

No catch! Everyone gets started with the free 14 day trial, which includes everything Connecteam has to offer so you can truly experience the product with no limitations. By the end of the free trial, you can choose to subscribe to a premium plan or use the free plan for an unlimited time.

Bare in mind that the free plan doesn’t include everything you experienced during your free trial, which means some capabilities will be lost.

What is the difference between the monthly and annual plans?

The only difference between the monthly and yearly plans is that the yearly plan saves you money. Two months of license to be exact. When purchasing a plan on an annual subscription, you prepay for the 12 months and get them for the price of 10.

Can you tell me about pricing?

Sure, go ahead and have a look at our pricing page. You can find all the information there, including what is included in each plan and what the exact pricing is.

Is the pricing really for up to 30 users and not charged per user?

Yes! That is true. We value clarity and predictability which is why we want to make it easy for you to know what the service will cost you even as you grow your business.

Can I upgrade from a monthly to a yearly plan?

Absolutely, at any point you can upgrade from a monthly plan to a yearly plan.

Does Connecteam offer a fully branded mobile app?

Yes, we do. We have separated pricing for that and it includes a fully branded app for iOS and Android devices. This option is for annual subscriptions only. Please contact our Customer Success Team for more information.