OSHA Overhead Crane Inspection Checklist


Overhead cranes, the silent giants of construction, lift and transport vital materials, propelling projects forward.

But with every movement, safety takes center stage.

This OSHA Overhead Crane Inspection Checklist empowers you to meticulously examine your cranes, ensuring they comply with regulations and safeguard your most valuable asset – your team’s well-being.

By dedicating regular attention to this crucial routine, you cultivate a culture of proactive safety, minimizing risks and optimizing crane performance.

Instructions: Conduct this inspection daily before operation, monthly by a qualified person, and after any event that could damage the crane. Report any deficiencies immediately for repair or further evaluation.

OSHA Overhead Crane Inspection Checklist

General Crane Condition:

  • Clean and free of debris, grease, and leaks. (Yes/No)
  • All warning labels and placards clearly visible and legible. (Yes/No)
  • Emergency stop button readily accessible and functional. (Yes/No)
  • Adequate clearance between crane and obstructions. (Yes/No)

Hoist and Trolley:

  • Wire rope free of excessive wear, breaks, or corrosion. (Yes/No)
  • Hook free of cracks, deformations, or damage to safety latch. (Yes/No)
  • Sheaves and drums aligned and free of wear or grooves. (Yes/No)
  • Brakes function smoothly and hold securely. (Yes/No)
  • Overload limiter set and functioning properly. (Yes/No)

Bridge and Runway:

  • Tracks aligned and level, free of debris and obstructions. (Yes/No)
  • Wheels and bearings in good condition and properly lubricated. (Yes/No)
  • Bumpers installed and in good condition. (Yes/No)
  • End stops present and functional. (Yes/No)

Electrical System:

  • Wires and cables properly secured and free of damage. (Yes/No)
  • Electrical components clean and free of corrosion. (Yes/No)
  • Grounding connections secure and effective. (Yes/No)
  • Emergency cut-off switch readily accessible and functional. (Yes/No)

Controls and Operator Station:

  • Controls function smoothly and respond readily. (Yes/No)
  • Emergency stop button easily accessible from operator station. (Yes/No)
  • Safety interlocks and limit switches operate properly. (Yes/No)
  • Fire extinguisher readily available and operable. (Yes/No)

Additional Notes:

Crane Model & Serial Number: ________________________

Inspector: ________________________ Date: ________________________

Building Efficiency, One Inspection at a Time:

A meticulous inspection, guided by this OSHA Overhead Crane Inspection Checklist, empowers you to operate with confidence, knowing your cranes are reliable partners in lifting your projects to new heights.

Each completed checklist represents a commitment to safety, minimizing risks and fostering a culture of well-being for your team.

Remember, overhead cranes are powerful tools, and rigorous inspections combined with responsible operation are the cornerstones of a successful and thriving construction enterprise. 

Make this checklist your partner in progress, one safe lift at a time.

Bonus: Download the free version of this checklist for convenient record-keeping and maintenance planning!

Remember: Always consult OSHA regulations and manufacturer guidelines for specific requirements and updates. Utilize qualified personnel for more comprehensive inspections as required.

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