Near Miss Reporting Form


A Near Miss Reporting Form is an essential tool for identifying and addressing potential hazards before they result in accidents.

This proactive approach not only enhances the safety and well-being of your employees but also contributes to a culture of vigilance and continuous improvement within your organization. 

By systematically recording and analyzing near-miss incidents, your business can identify trends, implement corrective measures, and prevent future accidents, thereby minimizing downtime and associated costs.

Near Miss Reporting Form

  • Company Name: ___________
  • Project Name: ___________
  • Location: ___________
  • Date: ___________
  • Time: ___________
  • Reporter’s Information:
    • Name: ___________
    • Position: ___________
    • Contact Information: ___________
  • Details of the Near Miss:
    • Description of the incident (What happened?):
    • Exact location of the incident:
    • Potential injury/accident that was narrowly avoided:
  • Possible Causes:
    • What factors contributed to the near miss? (e.g., environmental conditions, equipment failure, procedural errors):
  • Witnesses:
    • Names and contact details of witnesses, if any:
  • Immediate Actions Taken:
    • What immediate action was taken following the near miss?:
  • Photographic Evidence:
    • Attach any photos or videos that capture the scene or contributing factors.
  • Recommendations for Prevention:
    • Suggest measures to prevent the recurrence of a similar incident:
  • Supervisor’s Review:
    • Supervisor’s name:
    • Comments and further actions required:
  • Follow-Up Actions:
    • Description of follow-up actions (e.g., training, equipment checks, procedural revisions):
    • Responsible person(s) for implementation:
  • Signatures:
    • Reporter’s Signature: ___________ Date: ___________
    • Supervisor’s Signature: ___________ Date: __________

This Near Miss Reporting Form is an invaluable asset for your construction business, enabling you to turn every near miss into a learning opportunity.

By actively engaging with this process, you not only bolster your safety record but also demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and risk management.

Implementing this form in your daily operations is a proactive step towards fostering a safer workplace, reducing liabilities, and ensuring the long-term success and reputation of your business.

Remember, every near miss reported is a potential accident avoided and a step closer to achieving excellence in safety standards.

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