Fire Inspection Checklist


This Fire Inspection Checklist is crafted to assist property owners, safety officers, and fire inspectors in evaluating the fire safety measures within a facility.

Regular utilization of this checklist can identify potential fire hazards, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations, and enhancing the overall safety of the occupants.

It’s designed to cover essential areas that affect fire safety, from alarm systems to emergency exits.

Adhering to this checklist can significantly mitigate the risk of fire incidents and contribute to a safer environment for everyone involved.

Fire Inspection Checklist

Property Details:

Property Name/ID: ___________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________
Date of Inspection: _____________
Inspector’s Name: ___________________________
Contact Information: ________________________________________

1. Fire Alarm Systems:

[  ] Fire alarm systems are tested and fully functional.

[  ] Alarms are audible throughout the entire building.

[  ] Manual pull stations are accessible and clearly marked.

[  ] Smoke detectors are present and operational in required areas.

2. Fire Extinguishers:

[  ] Fire extinguishers are accessible and visible.

[  ] Extinguishers are mounted properly and signs are visible.

[  ] Inspection tags are current and indicate annual maintenance.

[  ] Staff knows locations and basics of fire extinguisher use.

3. Emergency Lighting:

[  ] Emergency lighting units are functional.

[  ] Exit signs are illuminated and visible.

[  ] Backup power supply is available and operational.

4. Electrical Safety:

[  ] No evidence of overloaded electrical outlets.

[  ] Electrical panels are accessible and clearly labeled.

[  ] Extension cords are used appropriately and not as permanent wiring.

5. Heating and Cooking Equipment:

[  ] Heating units are clear of combustible materials.

[  ] Cooking areas are equipped with proper ventilation and fire suppression systems.

[  ] Filters and grease traps are cleaned regularly.

6. Flammable and Hazardous Materials:

[  ] Proper storage of flammable liquids and materials.

[  ] Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for hazardous substances.

[  ] Proper labeling of all chemicals and containers.

7. Housekeeping and Storage:

[  ] Regular disposal of waste materials and combustibles.

[  ] Storage areas are neat, orderly, and free of accumulation of combustible materials.

[  ] Aisles, exits, and electrical panels are clear of obstructions.

8. Exit Routes and Doors:

[  ] Exit routes are clearly marked and well lit.

[  ] Exit doors are easily opened from the inside without keys or special knowledge.

[  ] Fire doors are operational and not propped open.

9. Sprinkler Systems:

[  ] Sprinkler heads are clear of obstructions.

[  ] Inspection tags indicate regular maintenance.

[  ] Control valves are in the open position.

10. General Safety:

[  ] No accumulation of rubbish that could create a fire hazard.

[  ] Adequate number of fire drills conducted annually.

[  ] Fire safety plan is updated and available on site.

Comments & Additional Observations:

(Include any additional findings, potential hazards, or safety recommendations.)

Inspector’s Confirmation:

I confirm that the above inspection was conducted thoroughly and according to current fire safety standards. All findings and recommendations are based on observed conditions during the inspection.

Signature: ___________________________ Date: _____________

Property Representative’s Acknowledgment:

I acknowledge the findings of this inspection and commit to addressing any identified issues promptly.

Signature: ___________________________ Date: _____________


Completing this Fire Inspection Checklist is a proactive step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants and property.

It’s essential to address all identified issues promptly and to maintain regular checks to prevent potential fire hazards.

Continued diligence in fire safety practices supports a secure environment and complies with local fire safety regulations.

Regular updates and training on fire safety protocols are recommended to keep safety measures effective and up to date.

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