Intuitive Employee Scheduling App for The Deskless Workforce

employee scheduling app

Simplify staff scheduling from planning to distribution!

  • Create schedules in minutes
  • Avoid conflicts and unnecessary costs
  • Share instantly with your team
  • Manage from anywhere
employee scheduling app
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Save time and effort on creating schedules
with Connecteam employee scheduling app

best employee scheduling app

Quick Scheduling from Planning to Distribution

Easily plan and dispatch schedules

Schedule and dispatch shifts faster than ever: assign in a click, duplicate, drag & drop, create recurring templates, or open shifts up for grabs. In one place see when employees are unavailable or sick, and avoid exceeding your predefined daily/weekly limitations.

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All Information Under One Roof

Keep employees informed and notified

Send push notifications and keep employees up-to-date with detailed shift information like time, location, tasks to complete, additional notes, attachments, and more. Your employees are notified when a shift is published, changed, or canceled, and always have access to their full itinerary.

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staff scheduling app time tracking

Full Manager Visibility With Real-time Updates

Track progress and get notified upon execution

Get all scheduling updates with GPS stamps, status changes, and messages. In real-time, you’re notified when staff acknowledge or reject a shift, check-in late, or complete a task. Control operations with color-coded status badges and message notes of all ongoing service calls.

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mobile employee scheduling app

Manage Your Schedule From Anywhere

Mobile interface for managers on the go

Manage employee scheduling from anywhere using your app’s dedicated admin capabilities. Add or edit shifts, swap users, assign tasks, view activity, status changes, and much more. Reduce unnecessary interaction and speed up the process, even on the go!

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shift scheduling app mobile

Add Shift Tasks and Get Notified Upon Completion

Oversee your team’s performance with dedicated in-shift tasks

Set shift-related tasks and oversee their execution. Get full clarity on your team’s progress, and be notified when tasks are completed, so you can maximize operational efficiency and boost your team’s performance.

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employee scheduling app templates

Templates and Quick Actions That Save You Time

Save time and effort by leveraging shift templates

Leverage advanced time-saving features to minimize planning time: customizable weekly templates; detailed single-shift drag and drop templates; flexible repeating shifts. Tailor the schedule planning process to your needs and do more in less time.

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employee communications main comm

Centralized and Organized Communication

Reduce the noise and communicate effectively

Stop wasting time on endless calls and unnecessary back-and-forth communication. Reduce the noise with effective and structured communication: shift-specific messaging boards, embedded in-app chat, employee directory, and more. Free your time and focus on what matters.

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Watch the video below to see Connecteam scheduling app in action!

employee scheduling app

What Our Customers Say

The job scheduler is incredibly intuitive and the ability to duplicate shifts is such a timesaver!

Brittany B.

HR lead

Very easy to use, very user friendly. Scheduling is great as you can set up to 12 months ahead with each job! Cost is great for the options you get

Richard M.


Connecteam has helped our business out tremendously. Everything at our fingertips. No doubt it's the best employee scheduling app, and the affordable price is a great bonus!

Marry K.

Staff manager

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Connecteam’s employee scheduling app is an easy way to schedule shifts and dispatch jobs for remote and non-desk employees. With Connecteam, online employee scheduling is made easy and powerful. Ranked as one of the best employee scheduling apps, Connecteam offers some unique tools that make its online employee scheduling capabilities very unique, such as integrated in-app chat and true shift collaboration that includes status updates and notes for every shift. With this unique approach to online employee scheduling, you will not only save valuable time and keep everyone on the same page, but also add more value to your employees with Connecteam’s employee scheduling app by adding important information like job location, detailed notes, and file attachments. If you’re looking for online employee scheduling for your deskless teams, Connecteam’s employee scheduling app is the easiest and most affordable solution you can find for online employee scheduling.

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