Managing or training deskless employees? Learn how other Sodexo companies do it

Connecteam is the employee app that works for you. Manage your workforce, oversee execution and train your team in a click of a button.

Case study: SodexoMAGIC
“The Connecteam app has created many advantages for both myself and my team. Our team is more engaged and can utilize multiple learning platforms including video uploads. We can instantly recognize team members, share urgent updates and communicate with a very large workforce. Our clients view us as more innovative as we bring these types of solutions to the table."
Bill Johenning National Client Executive Delta Sky Club || SodexoMAGIC

Simplify employee communication

Easily communicate the right content at the right time to every single employee. With multiple communication tools to enhance your day-to-day business routine;

  • Live chat group conversations  

  • Directory for all work contacts

  • Immediate updates with or without comments and likes

  • Employee feedback surveys

  • Suggestion box and much more!

Set your business on auto-pilot with Connecteam's employee app

Go paperless and automate daily procedures with Connecteam’s mobile-first checklists and forms platform. This 100% customizable solution can take any procedure that’s run by pen and paper, spreadsheet, text messages or phone calls, and easily creates a fully automated, end-to-end, process that can be used from anywhere at anytime.

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"With Connecteam it's easy, fast and affordable to connect with your deskless employees. Everything is in realtime, flexible and you can personalize it. It is immediate and simple to setup up, improves communication anytime, anywhere; Reduces time for skill development and onboarding costs. A true all-in-on solution."
Yo-Zon Elliot Sr. Training Manager || SodexoMAGIC

Enhance your employees' professional skills

Your employees don’t have to be in the office, nor carry papers, in order to have direct access to training materials, information and policies. From one place, employees have access to an intuitive learning experience and easy access to files, all media types, searchable online libraries, professional courses, quizzes and web-services.

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