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Connecteam’s retail employee app is the perfect solution to have everyone on the same page. Schedule shifts, automate processes, enhance communication and provide an amazing work experience for all your employees. All from one place and highly customizable.
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Save time, increase employee engagement, enhance daily operation and so much more.

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A true all-in-one solution

Everything your team needs in one place
Connecteam’s retail employee app is the best solution to have everyone on the same page. With our mobile-first, easy to use platform, communicate with your retail employees in numerous ways, improve professional skills for your sales team, provide an innovative and efficient onboarding experience, get rid of pen and paper with digital forms, checklists and reports, and take your employee engagement in the retail industry to the next level.
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Keep everyone up to date

Send immediate messages and track views
One of the main challenges for every company, especially with retail employees, is to have everyone on the same page. Connecteam’s retail employee app makes it easy to deliver immediate messages to some or all users and know exactly who viewed it and when. It gets even better, send a push notification reminder just for users that didn’t view your update, filter recipients list however you need, issue reports and much more. Use this super-useful capability for announcements, important updates, celebrations and employee engagement of any kind!
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Make communication simple

Multiple communication tools for every need
Great employee communication can take any business to the next level: it saves time, can increase employee retention and makes everyday work easier. Connecteam’s retail employee app packs great communication tools that can be modified to fit your business like a glove. Our employee directory is super easy to navigate and is highly customizable, which makes finding work contacts easier than ever. And, with our one of a kind in-app chat, you have a live communication tool that everyone knows how to use; private conversations, professional channels, and team chat filtered by branch, title, location and more. All managed easily and seamlessly from one place.

Shift scheduling made easy

Save time on managing your employee schedule
Connecteam’s retail employee scheduling software is a brilliant solution to schedule employee shifts. With an intuitive and easy to use interface, you’ll be able to create highly customized schedules for multiple employees and manage it all from one place. Set recurring shifts and allow employees to claim open spots for each shift, receive live feedback for check-in and completion with a GPS location stamp, and use our unique shift collaboration to add notes and media. Plus, our chat and directory are integrated directly into the scheduling feature which makes the user experience even better while saving time for employees and managers alike.

Create an amazing online training experience

Take your employees’ professional skills to the next level
In the retail industry, it’s all about professional skills. With Connecteam, create an employee retail training hub that’s easy to use and highly capable. Create online training in minutes and easily track employee progress. Add videos, images, PDF files, online searchable libraries or choose from many other options, including a built-in gamified quiz. Create training polls to understand what needs to be improved for the next training session, and create discussion boards so employees and managers can discuss a specific topic, all while keeping the information accessible and handy. Create online training for your sales teams, cashiers, managers, greeters, and keep everyone at the top of their game.

A more productive employee on-boarding experience

Revamp your company’s on-boarding process
On-boarding new employees is easier and more productive than ever with Connecteam’s retail employee app, especially with today’s modern workforce which expects a great mobile experience. Allow new employees to read important policies, take online training, fill on-boarding forms with image uploads, scanner, and e-signature, visit the company’s online assets like the company website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages, and so much more, all from one place, while seamlessly tracking progress and issuing reports easily.

Automate processes and workflows

Set daily operations on auto-pilot
With Connecteam’s retail employee app, automating daily processes is easier than ever. Have your employees send checklists, forms and reports of any kind, directly from the app; loss prevention reports, technical store issue tickets, maintenance forms, open/close store checklists, VM (visual marketing) checklists, OJT (on-job-training) reports, VIP lead forms, cash deposit checklist and so much more. All can be fully customized with the ability to add fields of any kind, including image uploads, scanner, digital signatures, multiple selection, and more. Once submitted, you’ll be able to inform the employees with status and note options regarding the process of their entry if needed.
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The added value for every employee

Your retail employee app: where work happens
Connecteam’s employee retail app is the HR manager’s paradise. There’s so much you can do with Connecteam when it comes to HR, welfare and recruiting, like employee referral forms accessible from anywhere, a suggestion box of any kind, anonymous surveys, polls, company announcements, employee benefits, celebrations, birthdays and more. All available in one place, easy to use and flexible to fit your company.

Connecteam is trusted by over 8,000 companies worldwide


“Connecteam enables us to reach 100% compliance on the job. We save time and cost, while improve communication, job performance and service quality.”

Darren Gradus CEO & Owner Canada’s Restoration Services

“As a big retail company, Connecteam ‘s solution is ideal for us. The App and its management system help us to be in constant contact with all the employees of the company, which are located throughout the country.”

Barak Alfital Training & Organizational Development Manager FOX Group

“Connecteam improved our work processes in a significant way. The mobile app helped us improve our workflows and made our projects run more effectively. As an organization, our overall communication and flow of information has become fast and accurate””

Racheli Oz Organizational Develpment & Welfare Manager Carasso Motors

“Connecteam is an intelligent collaboration solution. In Sodastream, we found this solution friendly and useful, with high adoption rates among our users. The Connecteam staff are creative and dynamic, and great partners to work with.”

Nir Rehav Head of Global IT Sodastream Intl.

Engage and manage your retail staff with a retail employee app

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Connecteam’s retail employee app is the best all-in-one solution to manage your non-desk employees in the retail industry. As most retail employees are spread in different stores and have no access to computers or company email, Connecteam’s retail employee app allows you to have everyone on the same page for multiple purposes that can highly benefit a company in the retail industry. Need to schedule shifts for your employees? Our retail employee scheduling software has you covered. Looking to improve your retail employee training and onboard new employees? You’re all set here as well! Connecteam’s retail employee app is a great tool to scale with, so you can start with what’s important to you the most and add more and more capabilities going forward. Save time and resources, improve employee communication, enhance daily operations and tasks, and so much more, with Connecteam’s retail employee app for free.

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