5 Remote Online Tools to Help Your Business Manage the Coronavirus Crisis

As coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to spread across the globe, companies everywhere are feeling the pain at increasingly high levels. Especially, businesses related to hospitality and tourism, air travel, manufacturing, and small business.

In an effort to best protect their workplace, more and more businesses are asking their employees to work from home. These flexible workplace policies offer more control over when, where, and how an employee works and no, it doesn’t hurt business performance. Instead, such remote policies can often lead to less stressed and more satisfied employees.

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“By implementing flexible working arrangements, you are not just eliminating the possibility of transmission at the office but also during commute. This is especially so for densely populated cities such as Hong Kong where you are literally inches away from someone’s face in the MTR during peak hours,” said Adrian Tan, a veteran HR practitioner and APAC leader of PeopleStrong.


Businesses must keep communication flowing with their customers, employees, and suppliers about how the company is handling the crisis in order to avoid disruption to daily operations.

There are many online tools that can make it easier for business owners, managers, and CEOs to manage their employees remotely.


5 Remote Online Tools to Help Your Business Manage the Coronavirus Crisis


1. Connecteam

The best and free employee management app

Connecteam’s free employee management app lets you take control of unfolding events: keep 100% of your team informed in real-time, distribute important information and protocols, stay up to date with instant reports from the field, enforce compliance and more. 

You can send real-time updates and push notifications like a breaking announcement that can’t wait, a message from the CEO or an operational update. Easily introduce protocol libraries and important guidelines while overseeing its execution with “read and sign” reports. Introduce dedicated reporting channels and automate the information flow and finally, share resources and train your team with Connecteam’s dedicated templates and media capabilities to share your prevention plan guidelines, videos, text, files, and images. 

Price: Connecteam has a free for life plan with all features available and you can upgrade to a Premium plan at any time, pricing starts at just $29/month for up to 200 users. 

Get your business ready for COVID-19

Be prepared, be proactive and control the narrative. Connecteam lets you take control of unfolding events: keep 100% of your team informed in real-time, distribute important information and protocols, stay up to date with instant reports from the field, enforce compliance and more.

Start for free

“Understanding this is a time of need, we have put together a plan for businesses that wish to be prepared for a potential outbreak in their organization. Our team is dedicated and ready to help every organization do a quick roll-out for a communication platform that will allow organizations to communicate, share knowledge and stay up-to-date even in case of an outbreak or remote working conditions,” said Amir Nehemia, Connecteam’s CEO”.

“As we understand the dysfunction with coronavirus for businesses, we are prepared to launch such solutions in a matter of 48 hours, and share our knowledge and insight to offer businesses the best tools and advice for dealing with this crisis.” 


2. Kaltura’s online meeting solution

Kaltura online meetings

The best online meeting platform

Create your remote office with Kaltura so you can quickly get up and running with online meetings, virtual training rooms, webinars, virtual classrooms and more. Kaltura Meetings allows for an experience that goes beyond a traditional video call – with collaborative whiteboards, chat and file sharing.

All of Kaltura’s features make it easier for your business to increase sales, drive collaboration, simplify onboarding, support clients, boost communication, spread knowledge, and more.

Price: Contact a sales representative to get a custom package quote to power your video needs. There is also a free 30-day trial. 


3. Google Drive

Google Drive

The best cloud file collaboration

Drive is perfect for remote teams as it’s available on a secure cloud-based platform so you can easily share, store, and access files. From document creation, cloud storage, top Priority search, file sharing, and collaboration, Drive lets you do it all more quickly and easily. 

Price: If this is for personal use then it’s free for the first 15 GB. Otherwise, the Business version costs $8/month per active user and $1 per 25 GB. 


4. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

The best remote desktop sharing

Access your computer securely from any device and screen share with teammates for stronger collaboration. It’s as simple as downloading the extension on your Chrome account. 

Price: Free. 


5. Krisp

krisp noise canceling app

The best noise canceling app

Just click one button and all the background noise from you to other call participants and also from call participants to you is removed. Remote teams can have efficient and productive talks while also being more professional by holding noiseless conference calls. 

Price: There is a free plan for remote workers otherwise team pricing starts at $7/month. 



Remote work is on the rise

Remote Working: Why Is This Flexible Work Trend On The Rise Infographic


A recent survey taken at the Global Leadership Summit in London reported that 34% said more than half of their company’s workforce will be working remotely by 2020. Even without this growing crisis, remote work has become more appealing to many companies worldwide as it offers more flexibility and greater employee happiness. If remote work is to continue to grow, as the statistics say it is, then companies need to ensure their employees are equipped with the best tools to effectively manage their time and execute their tasks while at home.

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