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Our free payroll hour calculator allows you to create a weekly or
bi-weekly employee timesheet with lunch breaks.

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This simple payroll calculator can be used for employees and managers alike. Please select conditions and options that best fit your personal time tracking needs.

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Using our free payroll calculator

First of all, we have to say that the Connecteam payroll calculator is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is enter your business specific payroll data in the timesheet headers, for instance the number of weeks in your payroll run, the hourly pay rate, and number of days in a work week. Now, if we are going to talk about overtime, we have to mention a few factors as overtime can be a little tricky.


Entering overtime is easy in our free payroll calculator

No overtime offered

If there is no overtime available, then what you need to do in the timesheet header is to simply enter a “0” in “Daily overtime” and a “0” in “Weekly overtime”. Additionally, be sure that your “OT multiplier” is set to “1.00”.

Daily overtime

If overtime is done on a daily basis, then you need to enter your daily overtime threshold in the “Daily overtime” timesheet header. For instance, if overtime is done on a daily basis for every hour worked past the 8 hour work mark, then enter “8” in the “Daily overtime timesheet header. Additionally, you need to enter “0” in the “Weekly overtime” header.

Weekly overtime

If overtime is done per the weekly number of hours worked, then you need to enter “0” in the “Daily overtime” and in the “Weekly overtime”, make sure to enter the weekly overtime threshold for your company. Imagine that your work week is 45 hours, and every hour your work past 45 hours is considered overtime, you need to enter “45” in “Weekly overtime”.

Daily and weekly overtime

When it comes to both daily and weekly overtime, you need to enter your daily and weekly overtime thresholds in the appropriate timesheet headers. Let’s say you work daily overtime for hours past 8 hours and weekly overtime past 40 hours, then you need to enter “8” in “Daily overtime” and “40” in “Weekly overtime”.


FAQs about our payroll calculator

How many times can I use the payroll hours calculator?

There is absolutely no limit. Use our payroll calculator however many times you want.

How many times can I download a timesheet?

Download a timesheet however long you want! To infinity and beyond. It’s totally free.

Is the payroll hours calculator really free?

YES. Connecteam’s payroll hours calculator doesn’t cost you a dime.

Does this payroll hours calculator comply with FLSA?

Our payroll calculator is completely compliant with FLSA timekeeping regulations.


What are the benefits of
switching to a time clock software?

free timesheet calculator

  • Accuracy. If you’re still using paper time cards or time card punching machines, you are far more susceptible to mistakes. When you use time tracking apps, all data is stored electronically so tracking time is far more accurate. 
  • Put an end to buddy punching. When all of your employees have a time clock app on their mobile phone, every time they clock in and clock out, their GPS location is tagged and configured into their hours. So if someone really did want to partake in buddy punching, it would take immense effort. 
  • Eliminates time theft or rounding up. A minute here, a minute there…the American Payroll Association found that employee time theft averages at a ten minutes per employee every day. With startling numbers, like this, you can rest easy that your employees aren’t pulling a fast one.Unlike human beings, a time clock app doesn’t round app, instead everything is calculated from the second an employee clocks in and clocks out.
  • Respond quickly to overtime. Whenever an employee is approaching overtime or already has, you receive an alert so that you can manage the issue straight away. Even if an employee just forgot to clock out, it saves you the headache of dealing with overtime. 
  • Efficient payroll processing. Are you tired of chasing after employees just so they will hand in their timesheets or are you tired of pouring over endless Excel sheets? That’s a rhetorical question, because of course you are! Using time clock apps makes the process much faster, more accurate, and less time-consuming. Music to your ears, no? 
  • Communicate progress. It isn’t just about collecting time data, it is also about being able to understand the data through an insightful report. That makes work much easier if you want to share status updates with a manager or even a client looking for a cost breakdown. 
  • Boost profitability. With a time clock app, you can instantly see where you waste the most time and money. Just like that, you can check your billable to non-billable ratio and where project budgets are being spent so that way you can make sure you are working based on your priorities. 
  • Increase productivity. Surely you want your employees to be incredibly productive? Again, another rhetorical question. Employees will work far more productively when they know, without a shadow of a doubt, that their working hours are getting calculated correctly.


free timesheet calculator

Connecteam's time clock app is perfect for you

It’s user-friendly

The design is stunning and flows, plus it’s so easy to use that even the least tech savvy employees can download the work time calculator app and get started in minutes

Set daily limits and auto punch out

Set a daily limit on how many hours an employee can work so you can easily avoid overtime. And if someone forgets to clock out, you can automatically clock them out yourself

GPS location enabled

A real-time timestamp and GPS location is tagged each time an employee clocks in and out. If needed, employees can add more information through a tag like a job, project, location client, or anything else in the system

Send reminders

Connecteam allows you to send employees a push notification reminder to clock in and out

In-app chat

Sometimes you need more information, so send an employee a message directly from the app. Or send the entire team an update and know who read your message and who didn’t

In-app employee directory

Finding the right work contact can be a time-consuming task, one you just can’t afford. With Connecteam, all work contacts are available directly on the app, so you don’t need to save them in your personal phone. And, you can search by name, job role, department, location, etc.

Insanely affordable

Connecteam is the most affordable time clock app and software on the market. It is available at a fixed monthly price for up to 200 users, with pricing starting at just $29 a month. Or you can sign up for the free plan. And if you need over 200 users, there is an Enterprise solution that is also available for a fixed monthly price. Start for free today!

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