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Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a local run business Connecteam makes communications easy, quick, and affordable
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Everything you need to centralize communications and collaborate

employee updates

Internal Updates

No more endless phone calls to the field or job site. With Connecteam’s Updates you can reach every employee at anytime from anywhere with a diverse range of daily 2 way communicationsEmployee Engagement
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Employee Engagement

Engage your employees with simple, fun, and informative communications like employee benefits, employee reward programs, employee newsletters, and social communications. Your employees can comment, respond, and like. Then, receive insights into every engagement and continuously optimize to increase employee engagement
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employee chat

Business Communications Chat

Get everyone working together and on the same page with an internal chat app. Create chat groups that improve productivity like a job site chat, departmental chat, subject based chat, and one for the entire company
employee communications employee directory

Employee Directory

Connecting with anyone in your organization doesn’t have to be a painful process. Now, the entire organization can be available on your phone without having to create or add contacts. The directory updates automatically in real time, and the search functionality let’s you find anyone by job title, location, department, employee number, or a selection of your choice
employee communications survey


Create, send, receive, and analyze surveys. Whether it’s a weekly feedback survey, a quarterly employee engagement survey, or an annual performance survey you can generate departmental surveys and receive employee feedback from your out-of-office employees in a matter of minutes. Finally, you can ask the right questions, reach the right people, and receive the meaningful insights to make the decisions that power your business
hr suggestion box

Suggestion Box

Need to better understand employee sentiment? With Connecteam’s Suggestion Boxes for HR, management, IT support, or a custom selection you can receive feedback and suggestions from remote, dispersed, and non-desk employees. Finally, there is a simple and fun way to engage employees with the decision making process
Darren Gradus Canada’s Restoration Services - CEO & Owner

“Connecteam enables us to reach 100% compliance on the job.
We save time, improve communication, job performance and service quality.”

100 Employees using
the app
35% Reduction in Operational
67% Growth in Employee
83 Avg. Daily
Daniel Albarran Vidamar Hotels & Resorts - Director of Food & Beverage

“The intuitive and smart way the Launch Pad was built not only is giving me many ways to communicate productively with my team, but is also affecting positively our revenue, as we are on top of everything in real time. I am also spending less time on my desk and more on the operation.”

300 Employees using
the app
25% Reduction in Operational
85% Growth in Employee
265 Avg. Daily
Natalie Bachich Griswold Home Care - Assistant Director

“The app & the portal are so easy to use! It has made managing employee accountability & payroll in several different states easier than ever. My favorite part of ConnecTeam, though, is the customer service. The staff is absolutely wonderful to work with and their response time is legendary!!!!!”

60 Employees using
the app
31% Reduction in Operational
76% Growth in Employee
45 Avg. Daily
Kat Armes Lifestyle Properties - General Manager

“It’s been a perfect solution for us to track times more accurately, which has saved us money because people are no longer “guessing” what time they clocked in and out. The staff really likes being able to see their timesheet on their mobile phone, too!”

5 Employees using
the app
43% Reduction in Operational
85% Growth in Employee
5 Avg. Daily
Andy Farrer Centennial Construction Equipment Rentals - Dispatcher

“Having worked with more dispatch systems than I can count after 35 years in transportation, I have found the Connecteam program to be one of the best in function, communication, and the support team is top notch.”

25 Employees using
the app
42% Reduction in Operational
78% Growth in Employee
22 Avg. Daily
vidamar hotels and resorts
norther force security
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rolls royce leisure
1st advanced security and investigations
tl halford construction
sodexo magic
skyline cranes
griswold home care

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Employee communications made easy

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Mobile updates

Your deskless workforce can’t come to the office so bring the office to them using the mobile devices they know and love

Team chat

Improved productivity starts with excellent team communications. Connecteam’s chat offers improved collaboration with complete transparency
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Great communications start with understanding your employees
checklist and task completion

Suggestion boxes

Get everyone involved and bring your employees into the decision making process

Starts at just 29$/month for up to 200 users

Have everyone on the same page with Connecteam
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