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EAP (Employee Assistance Program): An In-depth Guide

Let’s focus on a growing trend in the workforce today, EAP (Employee Assistance Program). Maybe you have heard of it and maybe you haven’t, either way, there are many benefits to implementing such a program. The biggest reason: to help your employees. So let’s get down to what it is, how it works and what […]

How Nike Canada ‘Just Did It’ in Under 30 days (Case Study)

It’s no secret that the retail industry is a cost conscious industry so making the choice to subscribe to an online, mobile employee app isn’t an easy choice. That’s why we asked Tomer Czapnik, who heads Nike Canada partner stores, what was the trigger for using Connecteam, the all-in-one employee app? “In my former company […]

Workplace Democracy: What Is It and How Can You Create It?

There seems to be a new “hot topic” that many business owners are taking note of – workplace democracy. But what is it really and why should we care? Well, that’s what we aim to answer. What is workplace democracy? It is when democratic practices are put into action in the workplace, like voting, debate […]

23 Great Behavioral Interview Questions to Ask In An Interview

What’s a behavioral interview? It is an interview where the questions asked require the candidate to share examples of specific situations they were in and had to use certain skills to get the job done. Basically, it is how you prove that your past work ensures you are capable of doing the same for your […]

9 Clever Employee Retention Strategies in 2019

Employee turnover costs you big time, and we’re not just talking about the dollar amount. We also mean the ramifications the entire office and workforce feel when your shining star exits. However, if we’re only focusing on the costs, a 2017 study found that turnover costs employers $15,000 per worker. With numbers like that, employee […]

SodaStream, the No. 1 sparkling water brand, chose Connecteam as its all-in-one employee App (Case Study)

Maybe you came across Sodastream’s famous Game of Thrones commercial, or perhaps you read somewhere that it was recently acquired by Pepsico for more than $3.2 billion. In either case, SodaStream is a manufacturing company facing many challenges when it comes to managing its workforce, and it chose Connecteam to help it overcome those hurdles. […]

Running an Operational Business? You Should Read This (Case Study)

Welcome to 2019, where smartphones are part of our day-to-day lives and of those of our employees. If you are running an ‘operational business’, it doesn’t matter if its focus is facility management, logistics, construction or services – you need to manage a big workforce on the field and your operational efficiency drives your bottom […]

What is Employee Turnover And How to Decrease Your Employee Turnover Rate

Let’s talk about employee turnover because it’s something all companies need to pay attention to. Turnover is when an employee leaves a company or has to be replaced. Some employee turnover is unavoidable, but if too many employees leave in a given period of time, it can completely ruin a company. Let’s not forget that […]

Employee Handbook: The Complete Guide in 2019

It’s no secret that an employee’s first day at a new job can be an overwhelming experience, and not just for the new hire but for managers too. You are teaching someone a new role and are transitioning them into the company culture and work environment. It can be a lot to take on. So […]

20 Key Qualities of a Good Employee

What are the key qualities of a good employee? Really think about it. Because when you’re interviewing for the next top talent to join your company, the qualities they possess are crucial to watch out for. Understanding what these employee characteristics are and recognizing them in interviewees can truly benefit your recruitment process. There are […]

26 Employee Incentives That Will be Appreciated by Your Employees

Rewarding employees help to boost employee engagement and keeps employees motivated. Only be recognizing the need and following through can you recruit the best talent and keep employees happy. Pay raises and promotions are not the only tools you can use as employee incentives – think out of the box to truly energize your staff. […]

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