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11 Internal Communication Problems & Their Solutions: A Full Guide

11 Internal Communication Problems & Their Solutions: A Full Guide

We’ve reached a point where internal communication is far more important than we think. Why is that? Proper communication leads to a company’s success, increases employee engagement and customer satisfaction, reduces turnover, and the company image is positive. However, far too many companies are riddled with internal communication problems and the statistics are shocking: A […]

Best team communication apps

12 Best Team Communication Apps in 2020

With over two-thirds of employees working remotely, large teams, and disconnected departments, keeping everyone synced is a daunting task these days, especially during all this uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic brought us. But there’s more to consider: apparently, the mind-boggling 80% of the world’s workforce today (at least) are so-called “deskless” or “mobile” employees, working […]

An In-Depth Guide on Time Theft: Why & How it Happens, The Cost & How to Prevent It

Managers often brainstorm how they can make better use of their employees’ working hours. But, more often than not, this is easier said than done. Poor planning, too much downtime, inefficient time tracking, and time theft are far too common.  In fact, one of the biggest challenges of optimizing employee time all boils down to […]

Why Employee Engagement Matters and How to Keep Employees Engaged

Why Employee Engagement Matters and How to Keep Employees Engaged

Employee Engagement. If you’re from an HR department then you’ve probably heard about it more times than you can count. Lately, it seems like every HR newsletter, conference, or meetup is trying to describe how to better engage employees and why it is so important, especially today with smartphones everywhere. Well, this article is also […]

9 Steps to Build A Great Company Culture

Whether you’re a small business owner or the head of a large company, just hearing the words “company culture” seems like an intangible and unreachable task. However, that isn’t necessarily the case.  What is company culture? “Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes […]

Top Challenges & Solutions When Managing Remote Employees

In 2017, it was reported that 2.8% of the entire workforce in the United States (3.7 million to be exact) work from home for at least half the time. And that number is only growing – in fact, Business Insider reports that 50% of all workers will be working remotely by 2020. (Seeing as how […]

The 10 Best Change Management Activities

The 10 Best Change Management Activities

It’s a bit cliche, but true nonetheless: ‘Change is the only constant’. If you’re looking to run a successful business in a dynamic, consumer-driven, and globally competitive market, this zen-like motivational poster quote should be your mantra. Today, change management in your organization is not just your ticket to success. it’s also the way to […]

What is Employee Turnover And How to Decrease Your Employee Turnover Rate

Let’s talk about employee turnover because it’s something all companies need to pay attention to. Turnover is when an employee leaves a company or has to be replaced. Some employee turnover is unavoidable, but if too many employees leave in a given period of time, it can completely ruin a company. Let’s not forget that […]

Small Business Trends to Watch For in 2020

Paying attention to the latest small business trends puts you ahead of your competition and with 30 million small businesses in the United States, the competition is fierce. By knowing the latest business news and trends, it’s easier to grow company sales, offer better customer service, and operate more effectively. Here’s what was predicted just […]

Top 7 Best Time Clock Apps for 2020

Payroll management can be an endless and sometimes painful process no one really likes to do. It is that necessary evil, the process that has to be done, but also that is extremely prone to small errors that lead to big problems and losses. At least 33% of employers make payroll errors costing billions of […]

Consistency is key when it comes to retail scheduling

Small Business Grants for Women: 10 Best Online Resources

Raising capital is the biggest job an entrepreneur faces. And when you’re a female entrepreneur, you should definitely look into small business grants as they’re more like free financing and not like a business credit card or loan you have to pay back. Therefore, it is key you know that most government agencies, nonprofits, and […]

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