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Employee Engagement in Manufacturing: 9 Ways To Improve

Maintaining employee engagement is vital for any company’s success. So, it comes as a shock that the manufacturing industry only has 25% of its workers engaged.  2020 didn’t do the manufacturing industry any favors, it only contributed to the lack of engagement. Once the pandemic was in full swing, everything went out the window. Communicating […]

13 Daily Workplace Safety Tips For Every Manufacturing Company

Workplace safety is one of the key concerns of every manufacturing company and facility. Getting it right can help the whole operation’s performance and results grow, while safety issues may cost you time, money, injuries, and even reputational damages. So you want to take really good care of that before anything bad happens. And unfortunately, […]

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8 Best Manufacturing Management Software Solutions

The United States had as many workers in the manufacturing sector in December 2019 as it did 69 years ago. Even with the growing numbers, manufacturers of all industries face common challenges: time tracking, accurate payroll, communication, scheduling, operational workflows, safety training, and onboarding to name a few. Not to mention, a  mix of complex […]

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