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10 Ways to Engage and Motivate Retail Employees

We need to talk about employee engagement and motivation in the retail industry. Why? Well if you’re a retail manager, chances are that you’re aware Quantum Workplace’s Employee Engagement Trends Report reported that just 65.1% of retail workers are engaged. And this is cause for alarm because the report also stated that a company with […]

9 Easy Tips to Improve Employee Satisfaction in The Hotel Industry

When you have engaged and satisfied employees working at your hotel, everything and everyone benefits. Customers are happy. Managers are happy. And the employees are happy. This kind of positive working environment creates a positive attitude for hotel staff and as a manager, it’s your duty to make sure this continues.  The statistics speak for […]

How to Build an Awesome HVAC Website

Optimally, 8-10% of your website visitors should transform into potential deals for your HVAC business – “leads”. Does your website do that? When people are looking for a contractor, 85% of consumers are doing an online search to find local businesses. Many of your future customers are looking at a website to learn about you, […]

Top 10 Retailer Apps to Manage Your Retail Employees

Working in retail means you are responsible for building traffic and sales to your business. And you need to oversee daily operations and to hire and train employees. On top of all of that, you’re now faced with the competition that online stores present, meaning you need to give the best customer service and be […]

7 Best Online Checklist Apps for Small Business in 2019

As a small business manager, you’re constantly juggling and prioritizing tasks in order to keep things running smoothly. However, the problem you’re faced with is that the list of tasks are never ending. There is too much chaos to sift through, to organize and to prioritize. The solution? An online checklist app. What’s an online […]

Top 10 Tips for Preparing a Job Schedule

Getting your employee shift scheduling right may result in having happy employees, efficiency, and saving millions in the process. But for most companies, even mega corporations, scheduling can create stress and headaches as managers struggle between getting the best employees to take on the most relevant shifts. Big corporations, despite all their experience, manpower and budget, […]

3 Ways Training Reduces Your Workplace Risk

Every small business has risks. That’s true whether your job puts you 30 stories in the air or keeps you at a desk for most of the day. Luckily, you can put systems in place to reduce your exposures, and your employee training program is the perfect place to start. Employee training is your chance […]

Why Using a Task Management App Increases Employee Productivity

These days, it’s very common for all kinds of employees to be spread across cities, countries, and even continents. How do you communicate with and monitor a team if one person is freelancing from Europe, three are sitting in the Beijing office, and the rest are in New York? One of the easiest ways that […]

Lead Your Employees With Ease Using an Employee Communications App

Some people are born leaders, but most are not. Many leaders, managers and supervisors in today’s new workplace culture have to hone their leadership skills. Whether you are born a leader or not, certain tools can assist you in leading a diverse team. There are tools available that can make it easier to boost productivity, […]

Do’s & Don’ts: Running A Successful Lawn Care Business in 2020

I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t love the smell of freshly cut grass, but that doesn’t mean they’re keen on running their own lawn care business. But, hey, let’s say you are interested in the prospect of running your own lawn care business, for whatever reason, the opportunity for success is there. Whether […]

8 Tips on Successfully Starting a Cleaning Business

When you’re looking to start a new business or earn some extra cash, more often than not, you turn to starting a cleaning business. Why? Because there is usually low overhead, almost none of the usual operating costs, and there’s reliable demand. In addition, cleaning services might have smaller up-front costs than some of the […]

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