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People employee engagement in manufacturing

Employee Engagement in Manufacturing: 9 Ways To Improve

Maintaining employee engagement is vital for any company’s success. So, it comes as a shock that the manufacturing industry only has 25% of its workers engaged.  2020 didn’t do the manufacturing industry any favors, it only contributed to the lack of engagement. Once the pandemic was in full swing, everything went out the window. Communicating […]

Top Tips on How to Become a Better Manager in Retail

The best retail store managers wear over a dozen hats and all without missing a beat. From running an efficient and profitable store, scheduling employees, engaging their team, enforcing company policies, and more. Retail store managers can’t afford a slip-up, that’s why hitting and exceeding sales targets and regularly motivating your team is so important […]

Man driving for trucking business

How To Start A Trucking Business – A By The Book Guide

Starting any type of business in 2021 can seem like an overwhelming mission. Loads of paperwork, expenses, research and bureaucracy can be confusing and make anyone anxious to start a new business. Don’t be nervous! One of the industries that has seen stable and high growth over the last few years is the trucking industry. […]

6 Expert Ways to Engage Seasonal Workers

‘Tis the season! Whether you need more drivers, cashiers or servers during the holidays or summer months, you need your seasonal workers to be engaged. Engaged workers, who are genuinely and emotionally invested in their employers and their job role, are far more productive, provide superior customer service, have less accidents and will want to […]

Construction worker with hard hat

3 Ways Training Reduces Your Workplace Risk

Every small business has workplace risks. That’s true whether your job puts you 30 stories in the air or keeps you at a desk for most of the day. Luckily, you can put systems in place to reduce your exposures, and your employee training program is the perfect place to start. Employee training is your […]

How To Effectively & Easily Schedule Retail Staff In 2021

How To Effectively & Easily Schedule Retail Staff In 2021

Running a retail store means providing the best customer service, lowering the employee turnover rate, keeping employees engaged, running inventory, staying ahead of the competition, and more. So much more. But, let’s not forget that pesky employee schedule, complete with employee time off requests, timetables, and availability calendars.  Creating a schedule for retail workers is […]

Customer in your retail store

The Top 11 Ways to Get People Into Your Retail Store in 2021

While e-commerce in 2021 is skyrocketing, most people still prefer to retail shop in person. Some shoppers desire the in-store shopping experience because they can see and feel the item they want to purchase in person before actually buying it. However, reports do show that online sales will reach $645 billion in 2021 which means […]

Recognize the cons of employee evaluation to improve your process going forward

Construction Safety Products: Everything You Need to Know

You don’t need to hear from me that construction work is dangerous – you already know it. What you might not know, is that the number of fatalities in the construction industry is the highest compared to all other industries (if you exclude motorway accidents prevalent across all fields of industry).  In fact, the US […]

The Complete Guide for Switching to Time Clock Software

Are you still using pen and paper timesheets to track attendance? It’s time to climb off your dinosaur and look around. It’s 2021, and the use of antiquated timesheets in your attendance management and payroll calculations is costing you money. It also has the potential of costing you much more if you don’t stay ahead […]

Top 10 Church Management Software Solutions in 2021

Top 10 Church Management Software Solutions in 2021

Running a church effectively isn’t just about delivering the Sunday sermon. There are many moving parts that must be managed and the tasks are similar to that of a nonprofit organization.  For example, corralling donations through fundraising efforts, managing volunteer programs, hosting and scheduling events, fostering communication between members, staff, visitors, and more.  The day-to-day […]

How To Enhance Productivity With Business Communication Solutions

How To Enhance Productivity With Business Communication Solutions

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a revolution in the world of internal communications. In the blink of an eye, mobile phones became common and popular for virtually everyone. And not just in our personal lives.  Business operations have changed dramatically, from day-to-day tasks to internal communication to customer satisfaction, and more – it […]

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