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Most Common Nonprofit Job Titles And How You Can Fit In

Most Common Nonprofit Job Titles And How You Can Fit In

Today everyone is familiar with the concept of crowdfunding. Lots of companies and startups seek funds in order to produce and market their products or services, then sell them for-profits, and pay back the funders ( or “backers” as most popular crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo call them) with either their money, shares, or special […]

"Sorry We Are Closed" door sign, employee absent

How To Deal With Absenteeism In The Workplace: A Complete Guide For 2021

There are many valid reasons for your employees to be absent at work.  Sick days, maternity leave, vacation, requested days off for family errands — all those are common, normal parts of any workplace.   Unscheduled and unsolicited absences from work, on the other hand, can squander your work environment and cause a lot of trouble […]

Overhead Garage Door Business

Top 7 Garage Door Business Software Solutions

Home service businesses might look unappealing to some office crowd, or inexperienced entrepreneurs, but that’s because they don’t know that it’s an extremely lucrative industry, which is about 6 to 13 times larger than digital advertising, and IT giants like Google, Amazon, and Bing are fighting to dominate this space. Home service businesses, which may […]

Best team communication apps

12 Best Team Communication Apps in 2021

With over two-thirds of employees working remotely, large teams, and disconnected departments, keeping everyone synced is a daunting task these days, especially during all this uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic brought us. But there’s more to consider: apparently, the mind-boggling 80% of the world’s workforce today (at least) are so-called “deskless” or “mobile” employees, working […]

Home Caregiver Apps

10 Best Apps for Home Health Care Professionals In 2021

The job of home care agencies and family caregivers is extremely important, but rather challenging for a number of reasons.  Just think of it: caregivers are not really considered doctors or medical personnel, so they don’t get the same amount of money and respect for their work and often go underappreciated, but the list of […]

Real Estate Apps For Agents

15 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents In 2021

According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, the United States of America has about 2 million operating real estate licenses, so in order to compete in this market successfully, modern real estate agents have to step up their game and keep up to date with the latest marketing trends in the industry. […]

Food Truck Business

11 Tips on Running A Successful Food Truck Business in 2021

Amidst the classic restaurant industry crush caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, food trucks may be the perfect solution to feed customers’ nostalgia for dining out as most restaurants stay closed or half-empty. Being a food truck business owner is a very timely small business trend and an appealing way to realize your dreams, while also […]

field service engineer

Top 5 Field Service Management Software for Small Business In 2021

The amount and diversity of field service businesses grows and multiplies year after year, with the ever-increasing demand for home-delivered services of the “gig economy”. MarketsandMarkets estimates the global field service management market size is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 5.1 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth […]

12 Best Team Management Apps

12 Best Team Management Apps

Managers from any industry and company size will tell you that one of their biggest challenges is delivering effective team management. What are the common team management challenges? According to Indeed, these can include time management, poor teamwork, difficult employees, lack of communication, understaffed, a weak company culture, low-performance levels, and more.  In addition, the […]

How To Create A Perfect Work Schedule

How To Create The Perfect Work Schedule For Your Team: A Complete Guide

A perfect work schedule is all about balance. Too many employees lead to wasted time and money while not having enough employees on the shift leads to stress and burnout, not to mention unhappy customers. Not only that, but it’s also crucial that the most relevant people for the job and the occasion are present […]

10 Easy Tips to Improve Employee Satisfaction in The Hotel Industry

10 Easy Tips to Improve Employee Satisfaction in The Hotel Industry

When you have engaged and satisfied employees working at your hotel, everything and everyone benefits. Customers are happy. Managers are happy. And the employees are happy. This kind of positive working environment creates a positive attitude for hotel staff and as a manager, it’s your duty to make sure this continues.  The statistics speak for […]

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