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Building an Effective Internal Communication Strategy (Free eBook by Connecteam)

[Free eBook] Building an Effective Internal Communication Strategy

Communication is a key management component of any business, regardless of size or vertical. Whether you’re looking to update your employees on new policies, to introduce a new hire, to ensure safety, to wish someone a happy birthday, to celebrate the employee of the month, to prepare for a worldwide pandemic, or to listen to […]

internal communication trends 2020

Internal Communication Trends 2020: Everything You Need to Know

In the last decade, the way people communicate has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of penned letters, dial-up phones, emails, instant messaging, bulletin boards, etc. Now, communication is expected to happen in the tap of a button and on-the-go. But how does that translate to a company’s internal communication?  Internal communication is all about […]

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How to Safely Return to Work with a COVID-19 Online Medical Declaration Form for Employees

As business owners and managers work to get their business up and running again, they must be prepared to update their employees about what’s needed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. There is nothing more important than maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.  This is why many businesses are requiring […]

Connecteam's employee communication app

Using Connecteam’s Communication & Engagement Features to Reach Your Entire Team

If you are an HR or an internal communication executive, you are probably always looking at your peers and what you can learn from them – after all, the experiences of professionals in other companies are a great way to develop your methods. As you know, effective communication and engagement are important in the daily […]

The Ultimate Manager's Guide to Working from Home - Connecteam

The Ultimate Manager’s Guide to Working from Home (Free eBook)

Many companies, from small businesses to large enterprises, have approached us, asking how they can effectively manage their remote team. And so we created this eBook filled with practical and easy to implement strategies to make the transition to remote work as smooth as possible. Our management guide on remote work highlights the following: The […]

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The Complete Guide to Human Resources for Small Businesses in 2020

54% of small businesses handle employment matters themselves, research shows. And that’s because far too many small business owners consider HR to be a time-consuming task so it’s an easier step to neglect. Until it blows up in their face.  In fact, less than 50% of small business owners are confident in how their company […]

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How to Measure Communication in The Workplace: A Complete Guide

Are you measuring internal communications in the workplace to best determine how effective it is? To understand if it’s making a difference, a dent, in your business? Unfortunately, studies show that 60% of companies don’t even have a long-term internal communications strategy and out of the businesses that do have one, 12% aren’t measuring internal […]

10 Team Building Games for Remote Workers

Every team relies on meaningful interaction – it helps strengthen relationships, builds trust, and supports personal wellbeing. You want all of your employees to be more than just coworkers, you want everyone to be supportive of one another in a positive manner.  But, creating such a bond can be especially tricky when you haven’t actually […]

Top Remote Online Tools to Help Your Business Manage the Coronavirus Crisis

As coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to spread across the globe, companies everywhere are feeling the pain at increasingly high levels. Especially, businesses related to hospitality and tourism, air travel, manufacturing, and small business. In an effort to best protect their workplace, more and more businesses are asking their employees to work from home. These flexible […]

Using WhatsApp For Organizational Communication? Think Again!

WhatsApp, which crossed the 2 billion-user mark years ago and sees over 65 billion text messages a day, has become increasingly popular in the eyes of organizations. Alongside the positive technological contribution and the easy communication method it provides, you just can’t ignore the negative influences and the damage this app can cause management, the […]

A Guide on How to Manage a Remote Team

Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report found that around 43% of workers in the United States work remotely most of the time. And knowing that a manager’s key role is elevating engagement levels, which are directly tied to productivity levels, is a gigantic task when you have employees you rarely see or even know.  […]

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