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5 Underused, Effective Ways to Create Employee Training Programs that Deliver

At first glance, the statistics are pretty scary. Access Perks reports that over a quarter of employees plan to look for a new job in the next year, and 15% have already started. But when you dig deeper, there’s hope for companies that are willing to invest in their most important resource – their employees. According […]

Why an Employee Directory Software is a Must Have to Your Business

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, and work phone calls are the most used tool in your day-to-day work grind. In the push of a button, you can easily reach one another like never before. As a result of this revolution, numbers prove that employees engage in almost four phone calls hourly! With that being said, […]

8 Steps to Build A Great Company Culture

Whether you’re a small business owner or the head of a large company, just hearing the words “company culture” seem like an intangible and unreachable task. However, that isn’t necessarily the case.  What is company culture? “Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes […]

Portable Employee Benefits: Here’s Why They’re In Demand

When you ask someone what they do for a living there’s typically no longer a standard response of ‘plumber’, or ‘electrician’ or ‘doctor’. There is a proliferation of slash usage, particularly among young people. Slashies are people that don’t describe themselves by their day jobs alone. They have various side hustles, which means they could […]

7 Dos and Don’ts of Employee Apps for Small Businesses

Employee apps are becoming the new way to onboard, communicate with and manage employees. They are a tool, and just as any tool can be used for good or bad, employee apps have the potential to strengthen a team or derail it. What is an employee app? There is no single definition, ask anyone and […]

Internal Communications App: An Instrument of Change & Innovation

Change, growth, scale – these words have become defining characteristics of a modern economy obsessed with change. Technology has changed the way we work and the way we think about work. It has propelled companies to grow faster than ever before. However, the fast pace of technological progress has also left a graveyard of companies […]

7 Team Building Games for Remote Workers

Every team relies on meaningful interaction – it helps strengthen relationships, builds trust and supports personal wellbeing. You want all of your employees to be more than just coworkers, you want everyone to be supportive of one another in a positive manner.  But, creating such a bond can be especially tricky when you haven’t actually […]

3 Ways Training Reduces Your Workplace Risk

Every small business has risks. That’s true whether your job puts you 30 stories in the air or keeps you at a desk for most of the day. Luckily, you can put systems in place to reduce your exposures, and your employee training program is the perfect place to start. Employee training is your chance […]

Mobile Workforce Management App: Managing On-The-Go Employees Just Got Easy

Mobile Workforce Management App: Managing On-The-Go Employees Just Got Easy

Managers: Your employees are geographically dispersed and that presents a few basic challenges. The first and most obvious one is communication. Managing a mobile and remote workforce can make task delegation and team building very difficult but there are solutions. When your team is close at hand and in-person, relationships naturally build, communication is easier […]

Why Using a Task Management App Increases Employee Productivity

These days, it’s very common for all kinds of employees to be spread across cities, countries, and even continents. How do you communicate with and monitor a team if one person is freelancing from Europe, three are sitting in the Beijing office, and the rest are in New York? One of the easiest ways that […]

Lead Your Employees With Ease Using an Employee Communications App

Some people are born leaders, but most are not. Many leaders, managers and supervisors in today’s new workplace culture have to hone their leadership skills. Whether you are born a leader or not, certain tools can assist you in leading a diverse team. There are tools available that can make it easier to boost productivity, […]

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