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"Sorry We Are Closed" door sign, employee absent

How To Deal With Absenteeism In The Workplace: A Complete Guide For 2021

There are many valid reasons for your employees to be absent at work.  Sick days, maternity leave, vacation, requested days off for family errands — all those are common, normal parts of any workplace.   Unscheduled and unsolicited absences from work, on the other hand, can squander your work environment and cause a lot of trouble […]

Building an Effective Internal Communication Strategy (Free eBook by Connecteam)

[Free eBook] Building an Effective Internal Communication Strategy

Communication is a key management component of any business, regardless of size or vertical. Whether you’re looking to update your employees on new policies, to introduce a new hire, to ensure safety, to wish someone a happy birthday, to celebrate the employee of the month, to prepare for a worldwide pandemic, or to listen to […]

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