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All content details expert recommendations for the best software solutions for small businesses and Enterprise to grow and manage their business and employees.

8 Best Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions

It’s not surprising that with so many different trucking dispatch software providers, it can be overwhelming to even search for the right solution. Everywhere you look, a trucking dispatch software solution guarantees to reduce costs and improve productivity, but how do you know what to look for? We don’t just list which solutions are the […]

10 Most Recommended Construction Cost Estimating Software Solutions

To every business ,there’s a lifecycle. For construction companies, your business lifecycle starts with the cost estimate. As the starting point for all construction jobs, the cost estimate has a direct impact on everything that will follow. An estimate that is clear, concise, accurate (as can be), and on time will have a direct effect […]

Top 10 Hottest Franchises for 2019

Building a business is hard. Growing a brand while managing day-to-day operations, keeping it profitable and still getting enough sleep? That’s nearly impossible for us mortals. Some businesses, like many consumer products, now come in something like a “plug and play” solution: a franchise.   Is franchising for you? With rewards of plug-and-play, simplicity comes […]

9 Amazing Small Business Tools For Less Than $100 a Month

As a business owner, you probably want to give the best customer service possible, be an amazing manager, and increase the bottom line. At the same time, you also want to be more efficient and productive, have more control on your day to day tasks, and hope that everything in your business will be easy, […]

Conneacteam's Employee Relationship Management Software

5 Reasons You Need to Choose Connecteam

Over 6,000 companies worldwide use Connecteam to improve accuracy of their timesheets and customer invoices. Timesheets produced in Connecteam deliver payroll clean of buddy punching and payroll errors like rounding up or inaccurate overtime. Here are 5 more reasons you should be using Connecteam: 1. We got you covered with all the features on your […]

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Real Estate Ads

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Real Estate Ads

OR How to Build Your Business Fast With This Red-Hot New Tool (without losing your mind!) Online advertising is becoming more important than ever when it comes to building a killer real estate business. It’s 2017, so telling you that an online presence is a must have for your business is the sticker on the side […]

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Your Spare Property Space

Got space?! A building basement hosting mostly dust and old crap? An event hall no one is renting out? With just a bit of creativity, you can turn any of those into cool property features. The kind of features that attract millennial renters willing to pay extra for innovative perks and amenities. When looking for […]

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