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All content details expert recommendations for the best software solutions for small businesses and Enterprise to grow and manage their business and employees.

Connecteam updates feature on the employee app

Why Connecteam is The Best Mobile Internal Communication Tool for Businesses

Effective communication is important in our work environment just as it is in our day-to-day life. Whether your employees are all in the same office building or are scattered across the country, effective internal communication has a direct impact on your company’s success. In fact, many independent studies have been conducted, along with our own, […]

Why Connecteam is The Best Online Employee Training Software for Deskless Workers

Hiring a new employee to join your company is an exciting time! Until you need to go through the process of on-boarding and training the new hire, that can get complicated and expensive. That’s why so many companies have switched to using online employee training. Training software is always accessible for the employee, whenever he […]

Hundreds of Logistics and Operations Companies Choose Connecteam to Tackle Daily Challenges

A lot of work goes into managing and successfully running logistics and operations companies, and with the numerous challenges these companies are up against, we decided to give these challenges a closer look.   We wanted to discover just why hundreds of logistics and operations companies chose Connecteam to correct their challenges and how they utilize […]

Why Connecteam is the Best Employee App for Care Agencies

Undoubtedly care agencies can act as a true life-saver for people who need assistance. However, this is usually a daunting and difficult task for both the patient and their caretaker(s).  From too much paperwork, high turnover, poor communication, a lack of engagement and more, care agencies are facing a plethora of challenges. That’s why we […]

The Best Hotel Management Software: Connecteam

We interviewed dozens of hotel and hospitality managers in order to better learn what the main goals and challenges of their roles. Many said the same thing:  Give the best customer experience possible! Decrease operational costs as much as possible. Run your business as smooth as silk. But the reality of the situation is that […]

Conneacteam's Employee Relationship Management Software

Connecteam’s Employee Scheduling App is the Right Choice for Your Business

If you were to ask a business owner, “What’s the one task that is the most difficult and takes up a ton of time for you to complete?” Chances are, 99.99% of owners would say – creating a well-rounded employee schedule.  Here’s the thing, this responsibility is even more difficult when you’re still using old-fashioned […]

Connecteam's checklist feature

Why Connecteam is the Best Daily Checklist App in 2020

Every business implements working processes and relies on information flow related to those processes. The pre-drive checklist, the supervisor inspection report and the vacation request form, are all essential to running your business. So no wonder forms, checklists, reports and audits are a big part of every business’ day-to-day. The use of such workflows makes […]

Why Hundreds of Security Companies Choose Connecteam for Their Daily Needs

There are a lot of moving parts when you manage a security guard company – from the employees to the customers – everything is super important, super urgent and on top of it all, there are numerous regulations and a basic hope that you’ll be profitable at the end of the month. After over 100 […]

Top 5 Team Chat Apps for Your Business

Whether it’s at work or at home, nowadays most communication platforms use a form of chat for live instant messaging, and it makes perfect sense. Why? Because chat is immediate, mobile-first, supports all media types, is easy to operate, and most of the time, requires no training to start using it. Your personal life aside, […]

Why Connecteam is the Best Time Clock App for Small Business

When you’re a small or medium business owner, you know that time tracking is as indispensable as accounting or payroll or human resources. And that’s because time tracking shines a spotlight on the most crucial aspects of your company. You know what your hourly workers need to get paid. You know if you’re actually making […]

15 Top Nonprofit Apps You Should be Using in 2020

While nonprofits are designed to cater to a greater cause, at the end of the day, they’re still a business. While the motivation behind each nonprofit differs, you still need to run your organization like a “profit churning machine”.  As such, there are two aspects you need to focus your efforts on – getting donations […]

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