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All content details expert recommendations for the best software solutions for small businesses and Enterprise to grow and manage their business and employees.

Curate Employee Experience at your Company in 2019

Top 10 Employee Engagement Software Solutions

You probably already know that employee engagement is key for employee motivation, satisfaction, a healthy working environment, and to boost productivity. It is also important to understand that it isn’t a one time task to check off your to-do list – instead, you need to employ engagement from the first day to the very last, […]

Top 11 Apps for Security Guards

Security guards are on the go, which means that they can be (and feel) disconnected from their companies. In fact, most security guard employees are faced with: Limited communication with management and co-workers Changing work hours, shifts, and locations No access to company email or even a desktop Low levels of engagement Limited recognition A […]

Top 9 Staff Scheduling Software Tools in 2020

As a business owner, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done – from payroll to providing the best customer service to engaging employees to checking inventory and the list just goes on. And let’s not forget about the never-ending pile of timetables, schedules, availability calendars, and employee requests – that’s […]

Top 10 Workforce Management Software Solutions

Time is money. And don’t we know it. Mistakes can cost you, big time. What you need is a solution that helps reduce errors and automate your work. So what’s the answer? Workforce management software! What is Workforce Management Software (WFMS)? Workforce management software deals with job scheduling and tracking your workforce. The end game with […]

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11 Best Employee Time Tracking Apps for Small Businesses in 2020

Do your employees hand in timesheets done in pen and paper? Or do they enter hours into a spreadsheet that gets sent to you at the end of the month? Or maybe you still use a dinosaur of a punch card system?  Are you 110% sure that your employees are being honest and truthful? Is […]

30 Best Small Business Apps in 2020

When you’re a small business owner, you’re expected to have all the answers. Such as solving problems, communicating with employees and customers, marketing, managing finances, and the list goes on. There is no doubt you’re constantly searching for ways to increase productivity while competing with bigger companies but with little to no spare manpower. And […]

12 Vendor Management Software Solutions That Will Impress Your Boss

Shopping around for business software can be overwhelming. Google search results can feel like walking down a market street bazaar. Search results act as market vendors displaying their fresh produce and shouting at you to buy here.  Therefore it can get very generic and overwhelming quickly. And when pretty much every software vendor claims to […]

5 Best Security Guard Scheduling Software Solutions in 2020

Creating an effective schedule for your security guard staff comes with many challenges. There are multiple job sites with their own unique shift times and rotations. So when assigning shifts, you have to account for all this along with ensuring the right employee is scheduled, sometimes a shift requires someone with certain skills. This information […]

Project Workflow Management Software: What is it? Which Tool is Right for You?

As your business grows, getting stuff done gets cumbersome and challenging. You become part of the statistics the Project Management Institute discovered in its 2018 study: On average, over a third of projects don’t meet their goals – the same as it was in 2012. Source: Project Management Institute   And just as Project Management […]

7 Must Have Apps for Carpet Cleaning Companies

When starting a carpet cleaning business there are a lot of things to consider. Should I franchise? How do I choose my location from which to operate? Which tools do I need to buy? How can I attract customers? All these are very valid concerns and you will no doubt encounter them more than once […]

10 Best Practices for Using a Clock In and Out App

Let me ask you a question – why is time tracking important to you and your business? If I had to guess, I would say it’s important to know how time is spent actually working because it affects productivity and provides insight. But most of all, knowing how your employees spend their time greatly affects […]

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