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All content details expert recommendations for the best software solutions for small businesses and Enterprise to grow and manage their business and employees.

Top 10 Retailer Apps to Manage Your Retail Employees

Working in retail means you are responsible for building traffic and sales to your business. And you need to oversee daily operations and to hire and train employees. On top of all of that, you’re now faced with the competition that online stores present, meaning you need to give the best customer service and be […]

7 Best Online Checklist Apps for Small Business in 2019

As a small business manager, you’re constantly juggling and prioritizing tasks in order to keep things running smoothly. However, the problem you’re faced with is that the list of tasks are never ending. There is too much chaos to sift through, to organize and to prioritize. The solution? An online checklist app. What’s an online […]

6 Best Small Business Management Software​ Solutions in 2020

When you’re a small business owner, you’re basically Superman or Superwoman. Why? Because you’re running around, wearing a dozen hats, just to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. You’re in charge of problem-solving, building professional skills, streamlining onboarding, tracking time, boosting engagement and morale, creating job schedules, providing exceptional customer service and the list goes […]

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Top 10 Employee Management Software Solutions

Technology offers us a plethora of solutions to make our lives easier as HR professionals and business managers. Or at least it tries. It doesn’t matter if you’re migrating from an outdated system, or looking to implement from scratch for a new business. Sometimes the main challenge is choosing the right solution from the vast […]

Top 5 Field Service Management Software for Small Business

Working in field service management poses certain challenges on a daily, ongoing basis. For instance, there are mechanical and administrative aspects that must be addressed, along with robust strategies to meet and exceed customer expectations, managing, balancing and engaging the workforce, and of course, staying profitable.  But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first […]

10 Best Payroll Software Solutions for Small Businesses

Don’t you just LOVE managing payroll?! Show of hands, please, who here just can’t wait for that time of the month (or week) to calculate employee wages, PTO, taxes, benefits, and all those other super-fun things? What? No one? What a shock! Seriously though, the shocking part of payroll is the ridiculous length of time […]

Top 10 HVAC Business Software Solutions

Running a HVAC company means dealing with a lot of moving parts, and we mean literally and figuratively! On a daily basis, you have technicians traveling to numerous job sites, parts and inventory come in and out regularly, bills need to be sent, fleet vehicles need maintenance, and more. There just aren’t enough hours in […]

Why Connecteam is The Best Retail Employee Scheduling Solution in 2019

Running a retail store means providing the best customer service, lowering the turnover rate, keeping employees engaged, running inventory, and more. But let’s not forget that pesky employee schedule, complete with employee time off requests, timetables, and availability calendars.  The problem most retail managers face when creating an employee schedule is all the variations that […]

Phoenix Homecare and Support Joins Connecteam (Case Study)

Phoenix Homecare and Support is a domiciliary care service that provides home care across Wales. Looking to improve employee engagement, digitize paper forms and create a central company hub, they turned to Connecteam, an all-in-one mobile employee app. Garret Williams, Phoenix Homecare and Support’s  Compliance and recruitment officer summarized their experience with Connecteam: “Phoenix Homecare […]

10 Best Construction Management Software Solutions

Construction is the “get it done” business. And unlike other industries where machines do a lot of the work, construction is still all about the people and the ability to manage them. That’s why the construction industry needs construction software so it can bring communication, accountability and transparency to the industry that needs it the […]

9 Reasons Why Connecteam is The Best Time Clock App for Small Businesses

When you’re a small or medium business owner, you know that time tracking is as indispensable as accounting or payroll or human resources. And that’s because time tracking shines a spotlight on the most crucial aspects of your company. You know what your hourly workers need to get paid. You know if you’re actually making […]

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