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All content details expert recommendations for the best software solutions for small businesses and Enterprise to grow and manage their business and employees.

Team Chat Apps

Top 8 Team Chat Apps For Your Business In 2021

Whether it’s at work, at home, or work-from-home, using live chat for instant communication became the main way people interact day-to-day, and it makes perfect sense. Why? Because chat is immediate, quick to transfer and receive information, mobile-friendly (unlike emails), supports all media types, is easy to operate, and usually requires no training to start […]

Top 8 Software Solutions for The Events Industry

Top 8 Event Management Apps for 2021

Creating, organizing, and planning events sounds like a dream job for many people. Instead of sitting in an office and doing routine work in front of a computer, event planners are super lucky. They get paid for realizing their creative potential, meeting many new, interesting people, visiting nice places, and having so much fun… If […]

Using Google Calendar For Scheduling Employee Shifts

Using Google Calendar For Scheduling Employee Shifts in 2021? Think Again!

First, let’s make it clear. We’re not saying that using Google Calendar for shift planning and employee scheduling is impossible — it’s not.  In fact, we were inspired to write this blog after one of our customers showed us the lengthy process they went through to create their employee schedule in Google Calendar and how […]

Beauty Salon Management

8 Tips For Running a Successful Beauty Salon in 2021

Famous for being a very stable and strong industry, beauty salons were hit hard in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis. But this industry proved its usual resilience and the total 2020 revenue of the cosmetic and beauty industry in the U.S. is only slightly less than in 2019. “I am ready to save on […]

20 Must-Have Free Small Business Tools to Run Your Business

20 Must-Have Free Small Business Tools to Run Your Business

Change. It’s all around us. From the way we buy groceries to the way we wake up in the morning or even the way we communicate with family members – things are different. In business too. If you’re a technophobe, all this talk of change has beads of sweat starting to appear on your forehead […]

Top 10 Timesheet App Solutions in 2021

Top 10 Timesheet App Solutions in 2021

Timesheet management. There are no two words that cause managers of all company types and sizes to run for the hills. (Well, apart from planning and distributing the job schedule!) And it makes sense. Timesheet management is exhausting. It’s time-consuming and has so many moving parts that you feel like you’re always playing catch up […]

Top 5 Apps For Gen-Z Employees To Be More Productive

Top 5 Apps For Gen-Z Employees To Be More Productive

“Generation Z expects wifi and 4G as basic needs, the same as an expectation of running water and electricity for older generations.”- Anonymous In 2019, the first graduating class of Generation Z started its professional journey and entered the workforce. Boomers, in all probability, will retire over the next ten years, and Millenials will take […]

Top 7 Work Schedule Maker Apps in 2021

Top 7 Work Schedule Maker Apps in 2021

Business owners and managers, from small business to large companies, know that the most important role in their day to day grind is creating and distributing the work schedule.  Why is the employee schedule so important? It ensures smooth operations, helps you manage employee absences, ensures a fair policy, and helps you manage overtime. And […]

"Sorry We Are Closed" door sign, employee absent

How To Deal With Absenteeism In The Workplace: A Complete Guide For 2021

There are many valid reasons for your employees to be absent at work.  Sick days, maternity leave, vacation, requested days off for family errands — all those are common, normal parts of any workplace.   Unscheduled and unsolicited absences from work, on the other hand, can squander your work environment and cause a lot of trouble […]

7 Best Time Attendance Apps in 2020

7 Best Time Attendance Apps in 2021

We know there aren’t enough hours in a day but if you track hours correctly, then you’re already ahead of the competition.  And we aren’t talking about writing down hours worked on a piece of paper, going through Excel spreadsheets, or anything else that involves a manual method. Time and attendance software isn’t a new […]

Best team communication apps

12 Best Team Communication Apps in 2021

With over two-thirds of employees working remotely, large teams, and disconnected departments, keeping everyone synced is a daunting task these days, especially during all this uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic brought us. But there’s more to consider: apparently, the mind-boggling 80% of the world’s workforce today (at least) are so-called “deskless” or “mobile” employees, working […]

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