93% Daily Employee Engagement

Soadstream's workforce use Connecteam to improve their internal communications and operations.


About Sodastream

Sodastream was founded over 100 years ago but until the early 1990s, Sodastream was just another small manufacturing company. They had a very nice, yet niche, operation selling a simple and affordable way to turn tap water into flavored sparkling water. However, their regular customers that were getting older and they were unable to grow with younger audiences.

At the same time, “sustainability” and “ecological footprint” were becoming global hot topics. Sodastream quickly realised that they were actually producing a sustainable way of drinking carbonated beverages.

Not only that, using Sodastream, consumers can control how much sugar they add to their carbonated beverage. So place two giant check marks on on two of the biggest concerns facing consumers today.

How Connecteam helped

Using the Connecteam employee app, Sodastream created a mobile hub of operations where the workforce can communicate, collaborate, manage tasks, create workflows, and develop training modules for on-the-job training from anywhere – at anytime.

Goal: increase employee engagement

Sodastream used Connecteam’s employee app to do the following:

  1. Create a company news feed with daily updates including weather updates, daily tips, and more.
  2. Provide updates on the meal of the day at the company cafeteria.
  3. Create “My Department” with modules for:
    1. Safety training
    2. Professional training
    3. Team building exercises

What can we learn from it

93% of Sodastream employees log into the app at least twice a week and engage with the company news feed or access one of the training modules that they have been assigned by their supervisor.

Studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive and efficient employees. They stay with the company longer and are happier but that’s not really necessary. Any manager or business owner can make that connection. What is worth mentioning is that it’s becoming increasingly easy and cost effective for small businesses to improve their employee productivity and retention in the same ways that larger businesses do and have been doing for some time now using affordable tools like Connecteam. When a large proportion of your workforce is dispersed, mobile, virtual, or deskless, an employee engagement app provides even greater value making engagement that much more challenging but also very rewarding.  

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