How Smart Antenna Tech Simplified Payroll and Increased Accuracy

Smart Antenna Tech uses Connecteam's time management module to manage their payroll and billing per project using Connecteam's easy to use mobile time clock.


For this case study we decided to go with a different format. Instead of a detailed synopsis of how a certain business has used Connecteam to streamline their operations we decided to opt for a more casual Q&A session. hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Our first Q&A is with Ian Ormerod, QA Manager of Smart Antenna Technologies. Smart Antenna Technologies (SAT) is a private spinout company founded by CTO Sampson Hu in 2013. SAT has designed, developed and patented a pioneering smart antenna technology which provides an efficient and low cost antenna solution for the mobile device and infrastructure market. Target markets include smartphone, tablet, laptop but the technology can also be applied to expanding markets including SmartTV, Connected Car, Small Cell and IoT/M2M.

To put it more plainly, whether you’re on the go or at home SAT empowers your connected devices (like smartphones or smart TVs for that matter) with continuous connectivity.

SAT first started using Connecteam in January of 2017 to manage time for their workforce. They have seen Connecteam’s time clock grow into a full time management module with shift management, reminders, overtime alerts, advanced insights and more.

Q: What made you decide to start using Connecteam?

A: Our company is involved in Research and Design and in order to measure costs on the different projects we tried several time management software packages before selecting Connectteam and its time clock.

Q: Are you required to comply with time keeping regulations?

A: Yes. in fact, many of our scientists are not EU residents and we have to allocate payroll differently among our workforce. This was a challenge for us until using Connecteam.

Q: How was your initial experience using Connecteam and how has your ongoing experience been?

A: We have been very pleased with Connect team and looking forward to using more of the functions as the company grows.

Q: What would you say has been Connecteam’s greatest strength and greatest weakness?

A: The greatest strength has been the communication and a  willingness to listen to what our requirements are and make changes to our setup even though we are not yet using the growth version. We have not found a weakness so far but will keep trying to find one!

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