The 7 Best Personal Trainer Software Solutions

Rea Regan May 10, 2021 6 min read
The 7 Best Personal Trainer Software Solutions

Quick Guide

    With the rise of social media and influencer marketing, a new phenomenon has swept the globe over the last few years – fit culture (or “fitspiration”). 

    What is fit culture? It’s exactly what it sounds like. It is the act of taking care of one’s body, mind, and soul. And with social media, fit culture became more prevalent than ever. 

    “From pictures of perfect physiques to the latest detox craze, there’s hardly a shortage of information on how to improve ourselves,” said Roger E. Adams, PhD, Houston-based dietitian, nutritionist, and founder of Eat Right Fitness.

    Social media channels, especially Instagram, have had a direct impact on how we take care of ourselves. And not all of the impact has been negative either, although some would beg to differ. 

    If we focus on the former, fit culture leads to better motivation and better accountability, the rise of body-positive personal trainers, and has helped create online support groups for eating disorders and the sort.

    The Need for Personal Trainer Software Solutions

    With the rise of fit culture, personal trainers began to change their daily operations to reach more people and gain a better profit. As business grows, many recognize the need for a digital solution. Managing their business with pen and paper wasn’t going to cut it anymore.  

    the need for personal trainer software in 2021
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    How do digital solutions like personal trainer software help? 

    • Improve retention of clients with direct, smooth, real-time communication 
    • Efficient scheduling of training sessions
    • Robust library for exercise material like workout videos, diet plans, etc.
    • Time tracking and payroll management
    • Scalability for the business with a private fitness coach app
    • And much more

    In order to stay ahead of the competition, enhance business management, and deliver excellent services to your clients, implementing personal trainer software gives you the edge you’re looking for. 

    Below we dive into seven personal trainer software solutions and highlight what features would benefit your business most. 

    The 7 Best Personal Trainer Software Solutions


    TrueCoach is a solution for personal trainers that hits on four key aspects: client management, data analysis, delivery output, and self-branded video development. 

    Below we drill down into specific features to help daily operations:

    • Email notifications
    • Progress tracking and metric
    • Customizable program builder
    • Nutrition tracking
    • Team accounts
    • Compliance tracking

    Price: Pricing is dependent on how many clients you actually have. For example, up to five costs $19/month, up to 20 is $49/month while up to 50 is $99/month. There is a free 14-day trial available. 

    Connecteam personal trainer app solution

    The Connecteam private fitness coach app makes it easy for trainers to streamline and automate processes from top to bottom. Plus, it’s that much easier to manage their clients and trainers with a single private fitness coach app.

    Under one roof, Connecteam personal trainer software offers:

    • Strong, streamlined communication so everyone is on the same page and engagement is high to deliver customer satisfaction. Send automated push notifications, share company/customer updates, start chat groups, share surveys or live polls, open the suggestion box, etc.
    • Manage daily checklists & reports to automate information flow like the club opening checklist, end of training report, performance review, a maintenance call report, incident report, client review, etc. 
    • Efficient scheduling and execution oversight for planning and shift distribution to all trainers and coaches. Provide them with shift details, require trainers to clock-in and out of shifts, create shift tasks, and more
    • Time tracking and payroll management on personal mobile phones or a Kiosk station like an iPad or tablet. Quick clock in and out to best understand how your resources are allocated and easily export the hourly data for payroll which integrates directly with Quickbooks and Gusto Payroll.
    • Enhance training & onboarding with direct access training resources such as the employee handbook, training routines, benefits, equipment usage, etc.
    • Turn to the employee directory to best find the details of team members, clients, vendors, and other third-party members

    Price: Pricing on Connecteam personal trainer software is incredibly affordable. Monthly plans start at just $39/month. Or you can get started with the free 14-day trial and move onto the free-for-life plan to test the personal trainer software.

    Grow Your Business With Connecteam Personal Trainer Software

    Just Try, No Commitment!

    Vagaro software

    Vagaro works with many industries, one of which is personal training. From marketing to scheduling to bookings to waivers, Vagaro can be beneficial in your day-to-day operations. 

    Additional features to take note of:

    • Customer tracking
    • Calendar features
    • Notifications
    • Online booking
    • Payroll
    • Detailed reports
    • POS and CC handling 

    Price: Vagaro charges pricing based on how many employees you have. So it’s just you then you’re looking at $25/month. Five employees is $65/month, and so on. 

    Zen Planner

    Zen Planner offers various features from automated billing to marketing to reporting and much more. It is best for gyms, studios, and schools. 

    Key features include:

    • Business management software
    • Appointment tracking
    • Skills and workout tracking
    • SEM features 

    Price: Pricing is based on active memberships, not staff or prospects, and for up to 50 active memberships, the cost is $117/month. 

    Square Appointments

    Turn to Square Appointments as your appointment scheduler and point of sale solution. You can accept payments from your clients online or in person and use Square to manage this. The solution also syncs with Google Calendar.

    Square Appointments also offers:

    • Gift card features 
    • Refund processing
    • Invoice management
    • Clients can book appointments online at any time
    • Push notifications and reminders
    • Client history

    Price: The Square Point of Sale costs 2.6% +10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe OR you can use their free solution. Square Appointments for a single person is free while 2-5 employees will cost $50/month, 6-10 will cost $90/month.

    My PT Hub

    My PT Hub is made for coaches, clubs, and personal trainers. They have a web and mobile app available for training, nutrition, and more. Plus, you can use My PT Hub for remote training and face-to-face sessions.

    A few specific features include:

    • Custom branding
    • Payment acceptable 
    • Streaming of events
    • Real-time chat
    • Tracking results
    • Calendar management

    A free 30-day trial is available.

    Price: Pricing is also dependent on how many clients you have. For example, five clients are $20/month and you have access to 50 workouts, 50 nutrition plans, and it’s $5 for additional trainers. For everything to be unlimited, then it’s $49/month with $3 for additional trainers. 


    EZFacility offers scheduling, commission tracking and automated billing – for starters. It is a web-based solution that is suited for fitness or sports facilities. This allows you to reserve courts and fields or you can manage memberships, camps, and more. 

    Additional features include: 

    • Client management 
    • Manage recurring bookings
    • Scheduling for personal training
    • Scheduling for classes
    • A branded mobile app
    • Point of sale
    • Billing and invoicing
    • Payroll management

    Price: Pricing is not available on the website, therefore, you will need to contact a representative to learn more. 

    Going Forward With Online Personal Trainer Software

    As personal trainers continue to battle online competition, especially due to this new fit culture or fitspiration, the use of tools (like a private fitness coach app) to help streamline processes and operations is key. 

    With the right private fitness coach app, your company can cut costs, boost profits, and keep repeat customers engaged. 

    #1 Personal Trainer Software

    Everything you need to effectively run and manage your gym, engage your team and trainers, and bring on more clients is possible on Connecteam’s all-in-one app.

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