Beirit Harvey

Beirit is a marketing content professional with a background in business development and consulting. She helps clients take their businesses to the next level with data driven research and cutting edge marketing strategies. Beirit is responsible for marketing content writing and is an enthusiastic writer for the business blogs.
Man driving for trucking business

How To Start A Trucking Business – A By The Book Guide

Starting any type of business in 2021 can seem like an overwhelming mission. Loads of paperwork, expenses, research and bureaucracy can be confusing and make anyone anxious to start a new business. Don’t be nervous! One of the industries that has seen stable and high growth over the last few years is the trucking industry. […]

People sitting workplace trends

6 Modern Workplace Trends You Must Know In 2021

Businesses, large and small, are all facing unprecedented changes and obstacles in 2021. Due to the world’s socio-economic situation and the global pandemic, companies are having to make huge transformations to their internal processes and daily operations. It’s imperative for a company’s success to stay up-to-date with these current workplace trends in 2021. While some […]

Surveys With Team Members

Employee Satisfaction Survey: The Best Templates of 2021

Employee satisfaction surveys are essential for gathering information about your company and engaging your employees, for giving them a platform to raise issues and to make their voice heard by management. It’s also a great way for management and business owners to understand what aspects of their company needs more focus or what can be […]

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